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    10 Gallon Tank Sudden, Unknown Death of Peppered Cory, Assisstance Needed

    I have a shrimp tank and added 3 baby peppered corys a year ago, who grew up, have had babies, and the 8 of them do great together in a 10 gallon. It's not the size. I've so far removed 3 babies to a new shrimp tank I'm building. I feed them regular fish food pellets once a day, sometimes Bug...
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    Mystery Snails Issues

    Is it stuck to the side, or floating? Mine decide to just float for a day or 2 now and then, I have no idea why. They fill their shells with air, but I believe they know full well how to release it. I love when they're at the top, let go and float slowly to the bottom, they can control that...
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    Amano shrimp eating eggs

    It's sad to know they carry those babies only to be born to die, but that's a fact in fresh water. I've never seen that either but it's all about timing. I've seen guppies give birth and gulp their young, I'm sure if she was giving birth, she'd grab and eat them too. As my fish dealer said, "To...
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    Amano shrimp babies.............

    Amano babies do NOT survive in freshwater tanks. You have a different variety.
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    New guppies glass surfing

    Betting he/she will be happy to help. Now find out from someone here the best way to use a little of that, if you aren't putting it into a HOB filter. I think some people have stuffed some into sponge filters but I never tried that. I buy small sponge filters on Amazon, usually about 9.99 for...
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    New guppies glass surfing

    Yes, they are stressed. I don't see any bubblers? A sponge filter would be good for filtering, also providing them oxygen in the water. Plants are good, but yours are young, please don't count on those to filter the water. But they definitely need to be in a cycled tank. At this point you'll...
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    Funny Hoping to hear some funny fish jokes!!!

    On a larger scale, I think this is fintastic!
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    This can't be an Amano baby....... Can it?!

    Sorry, I didn't notice at the time where you were... the Pittsburgh Steelers is our football team! I'm in the eastern US in Pennsylvania.
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    This can't be an Amano baby....... Can it?!

    I used to have reds in my 40 gallon and blues in my 20. I have no idea why but after a year they just started disappearing. I was glad I'd saved culls in a 10 gallon. Now I'm setting up a new one for them they don't have to share with other wayward fish. I want to get some culls from someone in...
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    Need help with GH and KH

    I'm so happy to see your question and these answers. As I'm starting another new shrimp tank, I wanted to see what mine were. I also use a water softener and for the last 3 years it's all be good using the water from it in my tanks. My Gh is 3 at the tap and 5 in the new tank, and my Kh is 7...
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    This can't be an Amano baby....... Can it?!

    I really think it's a red cherry that turned out brown, and those are "culls". Neocaridinas are bred for their color but sometimes revert back to their native color. To continue your line of color, you remove the culls so they don't interbreed. I have a separate cull tank, and as they breed, all...
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    This can't be an Amano baby....... Can it?!

    Funny, when my RCS had their first brown culls, I thought the same incredulous thing a few minutes when I saw them! Never expected browns! What a waste to see my female amanos so very pregnant over and over, and know they'll all die. Last week I saw a female very empty and felt sad....again.
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    Funny Hoping to hear some funny fish jokes!!!

    Are you trying to gill-t me into making a fish pun?
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    My new 10 gallon shrimp tank build

    That's real nice, thanks for showing me! Yes it's amazing how fast some plants can grow and spread. I can't wait to get my tank done. Looks like both my orders will be here Saturday.
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    29 Gallon Tank Hi Everybody! Newbie from Texas here :)

    Welcome to the forum, glad you found us and lots of help! Stargirl is ace about cycling and so much more!
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