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    20 Gallon Tank Guppy Tank With Males Vs Males And Females

    Male guppies are a lot prettier. If you want the pretty factor, go with only males. I have males and females because I have built-in fry control in the form of the voracious Loach gang, but I may go all-male again one day because the males are just so pretty
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    Just Cause I'm Proud...

    We did! Rally is a really fun sport, I look forward to getting her RA and RX soon. We titled today, with a score of 97 and a first place finish in our class! I'm a very proud doggy mama.
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    Just Cause I'm Proud...

    So I compete with my dogs in a variety of sports. My youngest dog is a spazz who isn't quite ready yet and my old man is Very Retired, but my middle girl, the vizsla, is just an absolute dream of a sporting dog. By the time she was 18 months, we had managed her conformation championship (my...
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    My Tamaskan And Husky Babies

    H He's definitely husky, but I've seen young female mals in the ring who are dead ringers for him.
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    Best Medicine For Fin Rot?

    One of my guppies had a bit of a torn tail which I assumed was just because he'd caught it on something. I was dealing with an annoying algae bloom last week (my lights were on way too long during the day, it was wreaking havoc) and realised that he and another one of my pretty, flowy-tailed...
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    My Tamaskan And Husky Babies

    This is an older picture of my boy. He's 13 now and just the sweetest. He's a husky... mix. I think. I got him at the SPCA. Husky standard says max 60lbs for a male, he was 75lbs when he was in shape and he's way taller than he should be... Anyway, he's 100% good dog, that's what matters. I love...
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    Canine Good Citizen Classes

    My vizsla and my husky both passed the canadian equivalent, the canine good neighbour. Honestly, if your dog is relatively obedient (the husky falls into the relative category very firmly), the test is not that difficult to pass. You can't use treats, but you can talk to your dog during the test...
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    Warning - Very Graphic Details Of Deadly Aquarium Mishap!

    That's really terrible. I'm always wary here because the city has been redoing pipes and we've had a few incidents of brown/rusty water. I tend to overdose dechlorinator because I can taste chlorine in my drinking water, but I'm going to be doubly careful now.
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    Guppy Colours

    I finally decided to add a bunch of female guppies to my community tank. I'm not super concerned about being overrun by fry because they're currently all in with my rather voracious yoyo loaches, but I am going to be moving 4 or 5 of the guppies (probably 1-2 males and 3 females) over to my...
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    Yoyo Loach Predicament

    My yoyo ruled my classroom 10g, not quite bullying the guppies, but borderline. He moved here to my 30 gallon recently and I got him some much smaller loach buddies. Despite being much larger than them and having been a solo loach for 4 months, he has very much loved having his own gang. He gets...
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    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Help

    I'd rather not get into brackish with that particular tank, since it stays at school and needs to be relatively low maintenance. The kids help a lot with cleaning and water changes, but I don't want to have too many parameters to monitor.
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    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Help

    Wow, I didn't think I could stock that many! The kids will love it! I've kept the filter running while I'm gone with the regular filter media in it, but I'm aware that it'll take a little bit before the cycle is really up and running again. I'll test the water on Monday and see if it's safe for...
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    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Help

    So I have a little 10 gallon aquarium in my classroom at school. I have had guppies in it (4 males) and a yoyo loach. Everyone is currently in my home 30 gallon tank. The guppies will probably return to school at the end of March break on Monday, although I'm still debating this as I love having...
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    No They Are Not Spoiled

    Gsps are the best (although I also have a huge love for vizslas). Here's my little gsp girl being very silly at our show this weekend. She was not into all the waiting. Also, here's a pic of my very, very first gsp, a senior rescue who I got at age 11. in a few days it'll be the two year...
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    Hyperactive Loach?

    It's my first time owning loaches and I must admit I adore them. I was wondering, though, are anyone else's loaches hyperactive? Gary, my original loach has grown immensely in the few months I've had him. He was active when he was a small thing in the 10 gallon murdering snails for me, but now...
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