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    Should I just give up on fish???

    I have 2 platies in my 20 gallon tank, and for a while we had them in our living room of our apartment, which was fairly dark because of the colors and hardwood floors. They would never come from behind/under rocks unless I reached down there and moved them a little. We recently moved to a...
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    Random thoughts about my fish friends...

    I have a male betta in my tank, and he has never been aggressive toward any of my fish. He actually seems quite content and loves to explore the tank. I'm sure it would depend on the nature of your betta. I will say that mine tends to want lots of human attention, but my friend's betta always...
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    How much time spent watching your tanks a Day?

    My social life has completely gone downhill since I got my tank! Even when we have complany over, our fish keep my attention still! And my poor dogs...actually they enjoy watching as much as I do!
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    Do you name your fish?

    I have named them all except the school of neon tetras. They don't usually do anything interesting, so I never have to refer to them. lol
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    If you could get a new aquarium TODAY......

    I would turn my entire living room into an aquarium. I'd put on a wetsuit and swim with them every day!
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    Historic homes?

    I live downtown in Savannah, GA. All the homes are extremely old, and are all unique. That's why we love it here!
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    what is your favorite livebearer?

    My 2 black mollies are so much fun! Guppies are pretty fun too, but they have nothing on my mollies.
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    Do you like Reading books?

    My favorite book EVER is "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn.
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    Do you eat seafood?

    I could eat sushI every day!
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    Favorite childrens movie

    Spirited Away, Chicken Run, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Labyrinth
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    Random thoughts about my fish friends...

    Good idea. I haven't really thought about posting pics, but I will soon!
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    Random thoughts about my fish friends...

    Actually, I have had my tank for over a month now, and I don't have all the same fish that I started with. I will have a 55 gallon tank soon, so they will definitely have lots of space then! When I started this over a month ago, I had not done any research so I was pretty clueless about cycling...
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    Random thoughts about my fish friends...

    When I first started my freshwater tank, the black mollies were probably my least favorite. They seemed a little on the shy side. After a few days they became quite active! Now after having my tank for well over a month, I have a total of 16 fish and my 2 mollies pretty much keep my attention...
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    My fish are dying!!

    Thanks so much for the replies! All is well with the fish for now, and lessons were definitely learned. This tank has been a very pleasant experience and I can't wait to get better at keeping happy fish. I am attached to each and every one of them for sure!
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    My fish are dying!!

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. Just to give an update, no other fish have died, and boy am I pleased! I don't know why I jumped into this without doing any research. I relied too much on the pet store clerks! I haven't added any other fish, and don't plan to for a while. By the way, my betta...

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