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    Fish Identification! 8D

    That's exactly what I'd seen--and I imagine that's the fish. Nice find, lilFishyfish!
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    Any Dostoevsky fans?

    I've read everything of his that Pevear and Volokhonsky have translated other than The Adolescent. Haven't had the time to start it. If you like his works, read Notes from Underground. Good look at his ideas and personality. I really have to recommend the Pevear and Volokhonsky...
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    Fish Identification! 8D

    Darters are goby-like. If there's the possibility of it being native, it could potentially be a shiner, but shiners do not stay that small in most cases and don't tend to have that type of finnage. I have seen this kind of fish before, but the name was not known. I'll keep looking into it.
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    What are the physical characteristics of a Flower Horn?

    It's a Texas Cichlid. EDIT: To specify, it's of the "Green Texas Cichlid" variety.
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    Solution for Killer

    I may not be able to get those Yellow Labs for you for a week or two. Tomorrow we get a small fish order in. I'll see if I can get them then.
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    Solution for Killer

    An awful lot of people think my name is Matt. But it isn't!!!
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    Why do I even walk into Petsmart?!?

    Wouldn't happen to be... Purr-fect Pets? How are the cardinals? Read your post in the Discus thread and saw the "redeye" and the eruption in the fish tank profile thingy... I think you're the only person I've met that calls them just "redeyes". Kind of odd stumbling upon one of your posts here.
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    Please/Hints to help baby discus grow.....?

    If possible, removing them to a separate tank is a good but usually unlikely option. Then you can power feed them without worrying about the other fish getting bloat or eating it all first. Small feedings throughout the day (think of them as very young children) should help, and if you find what...
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    What fish is this?

    Possibly an albino severum.
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    Urgent -- Is this really a SAE?

    SAEs do like to be in groups.
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    Urgent -- Is this really a SAE?

    My SAEs look a lot like that. has some good diagrams. I'd say SAE.
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    New Dwarf Cichlids.. plz help ID?

    It is a German Blue Ram. No doubt about it. Probably a female.
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    My 125 w/ Discus

    I ended up getting a 60 hex set up to raise the fry in, and pulled a pair out with the last 20 fry from their latest spawn.
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    New Dwarf Cichlids.. plz help ID?

    It is definitely a Borelli. As I said, it is one of the few Apistos that are farmed and they are fairly unique among Apistos.
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    RE:Discus Fish Care

    Keeping in mind that your tank is under 30 gallons... you do not have anywhere near enough room for Discus and Angelfish together, let alone Clown Loaches. Each fish gets over 6" in length, Discus and Angels getting very tall, and some clown loaches topping off at 13". Now... ignoring that...
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