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    FLuval M60 AIO

    Some more pics -
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    FLuval M60 AIO

    got a new fish 2 weeks back - 'Red Spotted Sandperch' ( parapercis schauinslandi). Was sold at Petco as a red scooter blenny but for reason I was suspicions but it did not like a scooter blenny. Anyways it seems I won't be nuking my tank with this addition: More info here:
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    Odyssea 36" dual t5 ho reef lighting fixture

    I had this and absolutely loved it. I later upgraded to a Radion
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    FLuval M60 AIO

    Thanks ... Here are some pictures of updates.... New Additions: - Pygmy cherub angel - Neon Green Leptoseris - Blood Red Cyphastrea
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    Encrusting Montipora .. white spots/streaks? is it Dead ?

    I got a Orange encursting montipra a week back and it seemed to be doing well. Yesterday night I changed the water and today morning I am seeing some white spots/streaks on it. Coral was dipped in Coral X pro for 20 mins before It was rinsed with tank water and put into the tank. It was at...
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    FLuval M60 AIO

    Cycle still in progress... Patience !! Patience !! Ammonia : 0.25 ppm Nitrite: 1 ppm Nitrate : 10 ppm PH : 8
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    FLuval M60 AIO

    Day 10 Salinity : 1.026 Ph : 8.0 NH3 2.0 NO2: 2.0 NO3: 10 ppm Added more of Dr. Tim's Denitrifying Bacteria -- hopefully should cycle quicker ...
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    FLuval M60 AIO

    After my move across time zones I am back in the hobby - The current setup as below: Tank Fluval M60 (23.6 Gallon) Equipment to be added: - Light - Radion Gen 2 (RMS mount ordered) - Return - Stock Fluval supplied with M90 - Powerhead - 2 Vortech Mp10WS - ATO - Tunze 3155 - Skimmer - Tunze...
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    Aquarium move ...Did not go well !!

    Tank move completed - Unfortunately it did not go well. The Condy anemome decided to get sucked into the powerhead in the temporary container for holding the fish in the night. By next morning tank water was murky and ended up loosing half the aquaria. LOST: i) Yellow Wrasse ii) 1 Blue...
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    Tank Crash: 15 Gallon tank with Condy Anemone crash

    15 Gallon is a small volume (pico/nano) so parameters going that bad so quick is possible. Both the Condy and the Ocellaris require 20 gallons plus. Adding both together in a 15 gallon could have also too much bio-load to the system in 1 go. What Ryan suggested is very possible also. Maybe you...
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    Royal Gramma and Clownfish occelaris odd relationship? - maybe bad?

    That is fine oscar.. my clown fish does hang out with the mandarin. he will literally get on his back. sometime he will tag along the Royal Gramma too... not to worry is all good.
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    Some pics...

    Thanks .. it is 37 gallons
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    Some pics...

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    Water has oily kind of layer and brown stuff

    Figured it out .. this is because of coral food. Surface skimmig was the issue with the drain. Drain adjusted and problem solved.
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