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  1. Fry!

    Baby guppies
  2. I am getting Betta FEVER!!!

    Yeah,they're real beauties too
  3. Betta Marbling

    I had one that was crimson one day,dark blue the next!
  4. Jindo

    My grandpas jindo-ke had 4 puppies! They're purebred and all male. So cute! But weren't jindo a fighting species?
  5. My new bird and cage

    Adorable! I have three tiels. We were supposed to only get one,but I can't complain
  6. Male or female cockatiel

    I have 3 juveniles myself. 1pearl,1 lutino,and a whiteface. Tiels are lil cuties
  7. I am getting Betta FEVER!!!

    Isn't it funny how most people are very specific about their bettas tank but Asians are just like,screw that I'm going to keep them in vases and bowls and they have some of the best bettas
  8. Snail eggs

  9. Snail eggs

    Thanks. They lay infertile eggs sometimes?
  10. Snail eggs

    I got two Inca snails yesterday. Both are female (at least as far as I can tell) and one of them has laid eggs. How long until they hatch?
  11. Went to the Pet Store....

    My friends always say that I'm going to end up as the crazy animal lady. Well,excluding cats and dogs. I'm allergic. I already have lizards,snakes, rodents,insects,birds,a ton of fish,and ....well,you get the idea. It seems like they're going to be right.
  12. My guppies don't seem to be mating

    Separate the males from the females for about a week or two,that'll rekindle their interest. Guppy males are players,they want females when they can't have any.
  13. How common is this color betta?

    Ahem*It is my personal opinion that you are suffering from the early stages of the disease called betta-itis. It starts with one betta. Then it progresses into multiple bettas. Before you know it, y As I was saying,your house will become full of bettas and you'll become their slave.
  14. Boy or girl???

    Oh. My. Gosh. It looks exactly like mine! Mine is a four year old male,he has a hump on his head like yours does so I think it might be a male. Meet Obsidian: I also recently acquired two juvenile koi angels. The pale one is Granite and the one with the bent fin is Elijah(named after my...
  15. molly dying

    Don't lose hope! My best female came close to dying about 7 times in six months. She would have almost no gill movement or too much gill movement and she'd have clamped fins and could barely move. She'd be back to normal in about three days. Sadly,during one of these episodes,another fish badly...

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