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    Went to Petco for a tank, came back with fish.

    Good luck! I posted on another thread about "next fish," mentioning my interest in RETs. I do like the way they look and school in the LFS (and in your picture). :)
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    How do you keep Neon Tetras Alive or is there a similar easier to keep species?

    That would be a good deal. I paid $2.49 each, I think, at Petco recently. Petco recently had a buy 3, get one free deal for all tetras, but unfortunately I bought the regular, now deceased, neons. All six of my black neons are doing great; it's nice to turn on the aquarium light each...
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    How do you keep Neon Tetras Alive or is there a similar easier to keep species?

    It's only been 24 hours, but I'm really liking the four black neons that I added so far. Very active and good looking, with my black substrate and aquarium background. If all goes well, I'll get a couple more. They have a different 'tude than the regular neons. Rather bold and confident...
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    What's the next fish you're getting?

    Not a particularly exotic choice, but I was really taken with some red eye tetras that I saw at the LFS this weekend. I have never owned any, but I am thinking of getting 5 of these schooling beauties.
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    How do you keep Neon Tetras Alive or is there a similar easier to keep species?

    So frustrated lately with neon fatalities. Water continues to test fine, but I’ve added and lost 10-15 neons over the past month, from 3 different LFS. Maybe just a coincidence, but the first deaths started when I brought home three tiny, $1.00 neons from a non-chain LFS. I’ve never had big...
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    Fluval U3 filter

    Hi Flyfisha. The outside of the box for the last poly/carbon cartridge I bought (in May) says 2-4 weeks (?), and the U4 manual says to change one of the two poly/carbon cartridges every month. It does seem excessive, in either event. I noticed that Chewy has the cartridge for sale at a...
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    Fluval U3 filter

    I've also been using a U4 as an additional filter in my 50 gallon aquarium since the beginning of 2020 (I also use a Tidal 110 HOB). The U4 It has three filtering/media layers - a poly/carbon cartridge on the outside, a foam pad, and BioMax in the middle. It has become very difficult, in the...
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    Mass dieoff a week ago, and now a gourami issue?

    So, as the title indicates, I am trying to understand what could have caused a sudden dieoff a few days ago. I am a long-time hobbyist and have never had this happen. I found all the casualties on the same morning, about a week ago, including my tank favorite, a beautiful GBR. And I was...
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    SFDS - Spontaneous Fish Disappearing Syndrome

    We have experienced something of a related phenomenon at our home, Spontaneous Reappearing Fish Syndrome. For example, a couple of months ago, we seemingly lost a young swordtail kaiku that we really liked, even though we didn't find a body, and so we bought another one about a week later. A...
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    New to Ram Cichlids - what kind do I have?

    Thanks everyone - super helpful. I have bumped up the temperature a couple of degrees and it is good to know I have two girls, too.
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    New to Ram Cichlids - what kind do I have?

    Sorry about the possibly dumb question, but my LFS sold me a "Bolivian" this past weekend and I'm wondering if it is actually a GBR? From what I've read on the forums, Bolivians don't have a red eye? I love the fish either way, and the Bolivians in the LFS tank were actually a couple of...
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    Big spots on my dwarf gourami

    Just one, a smaller “Neon Blue” dwarf. I think they are both Trichogaster lalius.
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    Big spots on my dwarf gourami

    My fish is acting normally but I can see two big spots on one side, and some sort of redness at the mouth. Any ideas what this could be?
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    Corydoras Photos

    I do not know for sure if these cories are accurately labeled by the LFS, but they sure were adorable, sitting in a row as I walked by the tank. I almost took them all home.
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