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    Betta Owners

    Would like to add one to my community, but unsure of the compatibility with other fish. What other fish do you keep it with, and do you think Gourami's would fight with it?
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    angels eye is cloudy

    I posted a while ago about this. There is a cloudy eye bacteria disease, that seems to run it's course. My Cory Cat, who had it in one eye, is fine now.
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    My new tank

    Picture 1 - Busy Corner. 3 Panda's, 2 Goraumi's, Tetras and Rams Picture 2 - Baby Pleco at work. Ram Couple in view. Picture 3 - Curious Ram Picture 4 - 3 Baby Panda Cory's and a Ram peeking in Picture 5 - My Tank Setup Picture 6 - 2 JullI Cory's chilling out in their fav spot
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    Cloudy Water

    I ended up doing one more water change, this one seemed to have more of an effect? Probably because it was the one following this post I also followed the instructions on a bottle of P-Clear. Basically a cap full of debris clumping water cleaner. One or the other did the trick. The water is...
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    Cloudy Water

    Yeah been doing that, should have mentioned it. That's the funny thing. I do a gravel vac quite often with my Python and replace w/ dechlor water frequently as well. I'm wondering if the water I'm using sounds like there are a lot air bubble, and if so how to get rid of them. As mentioned, it's...
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    Cloudy Water

    Water has been cloudy for a few weeks now. Water levels are all good. Fish seem happy. I've cut back on feeding, even though it wasn't too much anyway. And it's not exactly particles of things floating in the water causing the problem, but tiny bubbles it appears. Anyone have a suggestion for...
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    You can't "Patch" a big crack like that. You'd need to replace the entire one side with new glass most likly - which still may be worth the effort.
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    My new Juli Cats!

    Pretty cool - the ones I've seen, like Jon, are tiny black dots. Looks good though.
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    Cloudy Eye

    Incase someone else reads this forum looking for advise, after maintaining really good water quality, and frequent PWC's the problem went away with no medication. Fish seemed happy throughout the problem, not sure why it arrose, however it did go away after about 2 weeks.
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    PLANTS VS SILVER DOLLARS -Plants 0 - silver dollars 4

    "Begining to think about artificial"? Yeah you've thought about it. Artificial it is. ;D
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    "Cycle" girl with test results!

    Here is a link for another forum regarding the snails Bascially as you know, pond snails being asexual as they are, will begin multiplying by themselves. It's hard to find the eggs, and now you have 400 in your tank. Not as fun as the 3 you have right now. Consider it for new additions.
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    "Cycle" girl with test results!

    I would kill those pond snails in your tank before they multiply like crazy. I would also think about bleach bathing your plants when you get new ones, to kill the snail eggs that hitch the ride. 1/19 parts bleach to water, soak for a minute or so, and CLEAN REALLY WELL, before putting them into...
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    What are Python vacuums exactly?

    I have one that's about 25 feet! Works like a dream. It is a huge advantage, and makes PWC so easy. Without one, I'm not sure I would stay as diligent and my fish may not be as happy. There are a few different sizes to attach them to your faucet. Get one, and be glad you did.
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    Pleco died...need a replacement algae eater

    I wouldn't give up on Plecos. A bristlenose stays fairly small, and as you know, work their butts off.
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    "Cycle" girl with test results!

    Remember my note about your tank being close to your window, and how it might cause an algae bloom? I would move the tank if possible a couple feet away from the window, then use a tank friendly sponge to remove algae from the windows. Keep us up to date on progress. Good Luck PS - slowly lower...
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