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    How often to feed Betta?

    Sorry if I missed this, but how often do you recommend feeding your betta?
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    Best movies

    Dare I toss out Sharknado?
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    What are some of the most hotly debated topics in the hobby?

    Would you say whether to buy from big box stores is one? (I’m fairly new so not sure)
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    Hi everyone!

    Awesome! I think that I will wait until Monday to order so it wont be in transit for too long. I’m not sure when the tank will get here but it should be sometime later next week.
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    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your suggestions! I’m searching now For a sponge filter. Also any suggestions on how to cycle through water? I’m planning to look into ways to start the nitrogen cycle while Lasagna is in the bowl and for setting up the tank. Additionally, I’m looking at how to go about cleaning...
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    Hi everyone!

    Yes! I have a 5 gallon tank in route and am going to have that go through the nitrogen cycle. I’m also working on getting a filter for the new tank. The heater that I have in there will work for the new tank too as it can handle 5 gallons.
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    Hi everyone!

    That was just after I cleaned his bowl so I didnt have it set up yet. It’s in there now. I’m working on getting a new set up that’ll be bigger as well as working on going through the new aquarium cycle. I don’t think my office manager ever set it up When we got him. Of course the heater is black...
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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks all! Here’s Lasagna! I’m going to wash his bowl today and I got a heater plus a full test kit. I haven’t got a filter yet. Lasagna did NOT enjoy having to leave the bowl for cleaning but he’s all set now! Here he is now haha
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi all! I had a work fish that our office managers took care of for the past year but now that we’re working from home, I got to take mine home. Lasagna is a Betty dfish in a gallon fish bowl with glass rocks, an aquatic plant and a decoration. Before I brought him home he was just in the bowl...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    just joined! I think I’m going to buy a heater for my tank today. I have a gallon tank (tank is generous i have a fish bowl haha)with a Betta. He’s sitting next to my heater now but I think a heater will make it easier!
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