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    "Pink Flamingo" guppies

    I would love to take some for my guppy tank if you still have some available
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    Huge female ghost?

    HAH at last some one else has one, hahaha I think my female ghost is still a little bit bigger ill try to get a pic or vid of her soon. She looks great nice vid!
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    Any other hobbies?

    Biking, motorcycling, camping, Hiking,anything outdoorstype, disc golf, rc cars/boats, real cars/trucks, photography, I'm sure there's some that I'm missing but Great thread!
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    40 Gallon Tank Sex my Angel

    kinda looks like a female to me but that's just my guess, Great looking Angel!!! Her lips are big kissable lips heh!
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    More finny friends.

    Great pictures really cool!
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    Nice that's so awesome!
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    IM STOKED! endlers galore

    they definetly look like hybrids
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    DIY 55 Gallon Tank Stand. WIP

    looks Great Very nice job!
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    In my friends 125G he has a 20 inch pleco I have seen a 3 foot poop from him LOL!!! eat a lot poop a lot that's how all fish work!! lol
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    Got me a 75g for $25!

    Such a great deal I'm very happy for you to find such a steal, two days ago I found a 40Gallon with stand lid lights, & an air pump the person was only asking 10$$!!! I told my Wife I was going to go pick it up She said no more tanks I said I won't set it up it will be when I get my Fish...
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    My heaven... Love it to bits

    Great looking Tank Great looking Fish!!! I'm so jealous I want a yellow blood parrot!!!!
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    Got me a 75g for $25!

    SO JEALOUS!!!! Great steal if its real wood and you can sand it down and restain it AWESOME!! even if it leaked, Some GE 1 Silicone 6$ at ACE a couple hrs to scrape old silicone and put new silicone and few days cure, and boom sweet 75G tank!!!!!
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    Acrylic Tanks -- is slight bowing normal?

    I have a 25-30 gallon long TRU VU Acrylic tank and the back bows about an inch, I thought hmm doesn't look good but I haven't worried about it and nothing has happened (KNOCK ON WOOD) So I just thought this was normal I hope other people have input on this also.
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    creating new mollie strain

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    Rinsing Filter Media

    You got it, that's how I clean my filters too just squeeeez them out in a bucket of fishy water,
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