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    Betta Sorority

    Thank you. Yes, the tank is well planted and has driftwood. It's a well established tank but about 2 or 3 months ago it had ich and wiped everything out so I have been staring at a tank of snails and shrimp for the past 2 months waiting and pondering on what to do with the tank and treating...
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    125 Litre Stocking.

    I think nanos would get lost in the bigger tank so if you were going to go nano fish I'd get a dozen of 2 species.
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    40 Gallon Tank What Do I Put In My Tank?

    Instead of getting more variety, I'd get more loaches and more guppies.
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    Betta Sorority

    So I have a 29 gallon that is cycled but basically empty except the snails and amano shrimp. I've decided I want to get a betta sorority. I've always wanted one but I've had a tank that was empty to put them in. I'm planning on getting 5-6, is that right? Also, I am planning on getting them...
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    Wild-life photos

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    First Baby Mts!

    You will soon see hundreds of them. Do you have some place to rehome the extras? Having some is one thing but no one needs hundreds in their tank and unless you have a place to send them they will overrun your tank. They were pretty, at first.
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    Ok, it sounds like I just need to be conservative with it and figure it out from there. Thanks.
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    How much cuttlebone should I put in my tank per snail and how long should I leave it in there? Thanks!
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    Snails Are Dying

    I have cardinal tetras, harlequin rasbora, cherry shrimp and amano shrimp with them. The tank is heavily planted with a sponge filter. I haven't added anything except the prime, including fertilizer because I've been forgetting to and the plants have been doing ok. The nerite snails are at...
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    Snails Are Dying

    What could be happening with my snails? My numbers haven't changed for the last year so any suggestions on that would be moot. I have a fairly heavily planted tank so I'm not sure when it first started. I just noticed my nerite snail was laying on it's side against the glass. Now I know...
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    Favorite Types Of Dogs

    The barn I used to board my horse at had a flat coated retriever and I always wanted one but never felt I'd be able to give the dog the right amount of space, I also always wanted a border collie but the same thing, plus the time they require I worried that my optimistic expectations of myself...
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    It's Like One Of Those Joke Threads

    Did you hear about the alligator found loose in a river outside of Chicago? Talk about sounding like a joke, but no, it seems every year an alligator is found in Chicago and the surrounding area.
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    Help Is This Yoyo Or Gold Zebra Loach?

    If you've already bought it, be aware that the yoyos will eat your snails.
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    How To Grow Cacti From Cuttings?

    Petunias are succulents? I live in Illinois, those are considered annuals here because they don't overwinter. I have never seen them listed as succulents and I've seen people have them in direct sun and shade. Partial sun seems the best though I have the most adorable small petunias I've ever...
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    Denied Fish From Petco - Scenario - Was I Out Of Line

    This is why my conversations at Petco go like this: Employee (e): How big is your tank? Me: It’s a 29 gallon. It’s been up for about 3 months. It’s empty. I don’t tend to listen to them. It’s not their fault that they have rules they have to follow.

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