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    My tank!

    Thanks everyone! ill post another picture very shortly once I upload it from my camera!
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    Dyed fish.

    Dying fish is soo cruel! I think we should protest out local lfs that sell them
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    male gourami picking on its female

    That is way overstocked! I recommend you to get rid of one species of schooling fish and the plecos! To replace the Plecos get a school of 6 Oto Catfish
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    My tank!

    Thanks everyone! The tank was established for 2.5 years! I'm currently breeding a payload of Mollies! I took this pic 3 months ago so It's not a "Current" photo. Right now I'm collecting Pia's (Beautiful marbled Lyretail balloon Molly) babies now! There are about 30 so far! Wish me good luck!
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    My tank!

    This is my fish tank! I finally was able to upload a picture from my digital camera! So its good qualityarty0024:
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    Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflake Is Dying!!!!

    3 days, the growth is just getting bigger and bigger
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    Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflake Is Dying!!!!

    No... My Q tank is REALLY leaky. He is hanging around the top of the tank, he can't close his mouth and he is not eating very well.... I'm afraid hes going to die tonight :'(
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    What is your worst fishkeeping mistake?

    Once when I were 5 I had a male Guppy and when he had Fin rot I put Mela fix directly on his tail.... He died shortly after. :'(
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    Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflake Is Dying!!!!

    Sorry for the double post but he is getting worse!!! :'( Please help!
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    10 Gallon Tank Hello. My name is Alcatraz.

    Hes so pretty!
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    Emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snowflake Is Dying!!!!

    Snowflake my betta has a large growth on his tongue!!!! :helpsmilie: He is barley eating and he is hainging near the surface of my tank in my plants!!!!!! Hes 3 years old.... Is he dying of age? :'(
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    R.I.P. Romeo the Betta

    R.I.P Romeo! Sorry for your loss
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    Glowing Eye?!

    The gravid spot is made of a bunch of babies eyes. Your female is about to give birth! Once she gives birth separate them in a large Breeder box/ net! Feed them finely crushed sprulina flakes. Good luck!
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    Finally I can get a new tank!

    If I take out a couple of fish can I get a Blood Parrot?
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