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    Hurt Plecostomus

    Pleco's are truly the tanks of the freshwater hobby. I just had a Bristle have a root wrapped around him tightly cutting him open (blood and all), and of course, I cut the root. Within a week he's back to normal and you can't even notice his prior injury. If you'd like to prevent a...
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    Daily water changes badly affecting plants. What to do?

    Just so no misinformation gets out there, Ammonia is plant food 100%, of course. Although, unfiltered Ammonia that doesn't turn into nitrates at very high concentrates does turn toxic for plants as well. Once plants get past that 3-4 ppm stage, it's scientifically proven that the majority will melt.
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    Daily water changes badly affecting plants. What to do?

    Ah okay, thank you for clarifying. Either way though, when you add any sort of fertilizer (most have nitrates), it's going to turn into those nitrites and you're going to be changing water more often to get them out. If they don't have nitrates, then dose away for sure! And I totally agree it...
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    Daily water changes badly affecting plants. What to do?

    I'll start off by saying that the plants are dying because of the constant water changes, along with Ammonia being present in the water. You're water changing all the nitrates out (at least I'm assuming since you're doing them so often and only have a Betta), so the plants have no fuel. Along...
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    Tank is not level

    I'm assuming it's the floor that's uneven, you're actually supposed to fill it with some water so it distributes properly, as it would full. When it's empty, you will get totally different alignments compared to when it has some water in it. Whenever I level tanks, usually I can get some shims...
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    Fishless Cycle

    If you go the patient route, which I would advise for the upmost assurance that whatever fish you have will be safe, I would continue dosing ammonia and make sure your system is digesting it correctly. No water changes, but if you continue to see only nitrates for another 7-14 days (the longer...
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    Fishless Cycle

    It's a very good sign. It's a clear indicator that your cycle can properly process nitrates and if it maintains that way with added Ammonia, I'd say you're ready for fish. I will warn, though, makes sure to feed extremely lightly. Your cycle will be very weak and could crash at any moment...
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    75 Gallon Tank Cheap 48" glass top?

    That's honestly a really good price, in my opinion. Personally, when I deal with oddball sizes or large tanks, I use polycarbonate sheets that are used for greenhouses. Very affordable for large amounts, but then again that isn't glass. Still insulates very well, if you were interested.
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    Batteries for outage

    Personally, a much cheaper alternative, you can use a USB nano air pump. Whenever I have a power outage or a filter stops working, I put all the media in the tank in a baggie (to keep it contained), use a USB Nano air pump and connect it to some sort of portable power bank. Keeps the tank...
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    Have any questions? Concerns? Feel free to shoot!
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    Does anyone know what plant this is

    Looks like Rotala Indica to me! It looks very similar to moneywort but tends to have reddish stems.
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    Super BBA?

    I would say it's some type of molm/mold from the wood, personally. If it's a really slimy texture instead of a hairy feeling, I'd personally say it's definitely molm/mold. It's not harmful in my experience, fish just nibble on it and it exists, just visually unpleasing.
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    Quality Boesemani Rainbow's?

    Wow they do look good, definitely will keep an eye out.
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    Quality Boesemani Rainbow's?

    Hey, I was just curious if there was a good, reliable source of quality male Boesemani's. The ones that are super colorful, whether it's an Aquabid seller or some type of whole saler, some recommendations would be appreciated!
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    Tap water changing?

    That happened with me too some months ago. Apparently, it's something to do with the seasons changing and atmospheric pressure changing. Or your water cities water supplier just simply altered their water chemistry. The only thing you can really do about that (unless it's something leaching out...
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