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    Sort-of Emergency, Brine Shrimp Storage?

    Throw those away, or feed them to somebody else. Those are not the brine shrimp you want. Fry get freshly hatched baby brine shrimp...not because brine shrimp are terribly nutritious, but because the yolk sac that BBS carry is highly nutritious.
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    Hello all! Camallanus Worms Advice

    Te method seems fair, we want the med in the food. The only change I would consider would be using something thats freeze dried as the "carrier food". Salt probably has the opposite effect, as it stimulates slime coat production IME
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    Hello all! Camallanus Worms Advice

    I would think the slime is unrelated to the worms if you are using the fenbendazole in their food. If you are trying to dissolve the fenbendazole in solution to medicate the tank, you've got delivery issues, and it may be related.
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    How do I get my tank clean after columnaris ?

    Columnaris is everywhere. The only way to not “have” it in the tank (or any tank), is to not have anything in the tank.
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    Ammonia in new quarantine tank

    24 baby angels in a 10? With the feeding schedule they require, you should be changing water so often (like 50% or more daily) the cycle really wouldn’t/shouldn’t matter.
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    Fish Illness need help Glofish

    Not much to use to combat extreme old age. 3 for a tetra is ancient. Great job caring for your fish, that’s a heck of a run for a glofish.
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    KH dropped down to 3dkh, please help

    Are we really sure that small of change in KH and pH is stressing the fish? There is absolutely nothing wrong with 3dKH/7.4-7.6 pH unless we're keeping rift lake fish
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    20 Gallon Tank Advice for a new fish keeper.

    I’d generally agree with ^^^^….with the exception of mollies. Mollies have oddly short digestive tracts, which makes them pretty inefficient processors of food. Being so inefficient at processing food makes feeding them more often, more important, as they just don’t get as much out of the food.
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    What are your opinions on keeping apistos solo?

    Solo, pairs….both work, both are fine, but in the grand scheme of things, you really miss out on what make Apistogramma groups really fun, their social behavior.
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    Bolivian Rams not pairing

    1st rule of dwarf cichlids….if you want to guarantee you get a good breeding pair, buy a dozen fish. 2nd rule, don’t buy “pairs” (emphasis on the quotation marks) yes. Buy more.
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    Is my cardinal tetra fish getting old

    Yep. Not out of the game, but definitely being handed their hats. I’ve got a group about the same age, with similar “symptoms”. But heck, 5 years for a cardinal has to be close to 280 in human years
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    40 Gallon Tank Fish breathing heavy

    Ammonia 0-.25... nitrite measures...?
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    20 Gallon Tank Advice on low maintenance aquarium

    Not to be a negative Nancy, but if you really don't have time for maintenance, fish probably aren't the right pet. 2-4 weeks, becomes 4-8 weeks, and 4-8 weeks becomes why are my fish sick and dying pretty easily.
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    Plecos to breed for profit (not BN)

    If you've already figured out how to turn BN into a profitable fish, there's only one way to go....and its down. Find something you think is really neat, and breed away. Have some fun, cause you'll never match the profitability of BN IMO
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    29 Gallon Tank Angel fish size question

    Don’t feel too bad, I figure about half the angelfish I see are stunted…straight from the breeder. Big eye, small body, didn’t get enough to eat as a kid.
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