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  1. Starting new

    Thank u so much!
  2. Starting new

    I just figured it out with ur help! Greatly appreciated!!
  3. Starting new

    Thank u! And thank u for the info!!
  4. Rocks from outside

    Wow! Beautiful tank!!!
  5. Starting new

    First I want to ask, how do I change my profile info like the types of fish I have. Also I’ve started a new freshwater tank and my first babies are a juvenile mustard betta and a juvenile bristle nose pleco. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Rocks from outside

    Thank u!!!
  7. Rocks from outside

    Awesome! Thanx so much!
  8. Rocks from outside

    So I found some large rocks or stone that I thought would be beautiful in my tank. Is it safe to put rocks into an aquarium that I just found randomly?
  9. 40 gallon Breeder Community Tank Ideas?!

    THANK YOU! That does help ALOT! I would love to have a large angel but I heard they r really hard to take care of! And I love jellybean cichlids but also heard those r tough to care for. Hopefully I find something! Thank u again!
  10. 40 gallon Breeder Community Tank Ideas?!

    I want to start a new community tank after losing all of my fancies but 1. I’ve never done a community tank besides a couple fancies. I would love ideas on fish, plants & decor for a newbie like myself! I already have an established 40 gallon breeder tank with a huge piece of Malaysian wood w\ 2 young...
  11. Blue Oranda

    He’s beautiful
  12. Question Claude Frog Housed With Goldfish

    She removed the first clawed mainly because of it going after her Moors tail and getting a couple nips of it. But there is something yucky happening when she put the first frog on and after she put the second frog in and her Moor is getting super sick. Maybe it’s the worms she’s feeding the...
  13. Question Claude Frog Housed With Goldfish

    Thank you all for replying! My sister has an older black Moor and a while ago bought a clawed, almost instantly her Moor got really sick and had a fuzzy white fungus all over him, got really lethargic and then ammonia poisoning. She put him in a QT and got him better. Made another tank for the...
  14. Question Claude Frog Housed With Goldfish

    Has anyone ever had a clawed frog with their goldfish or heard of it? And if so did it workout or did the goldfish get sick or the frog get sick?
  15. Help Oranda Getting Worse

    Thank you so very much!!

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