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  1. To cover or not to cover???

    Pressurized CO2. Glass top. Love open top ones though. I can imagine plants growing up and out.
  2. Planted Tank, New Discus

    I never expected them to win anything. I don't want to breed them. I just bought them to be pretty in my living room. As long as they are healthy I will be happy. I talked to the breeder and he told me he feeds them formula one and blood worms so hopefully they aren't in too bad of shape...
  3. Planted Tank, New Discus

    I admit I expected to get fish less colorful for their size and was thrilled that they are so bright, I wondered if they had been given hormones but wasn't sure so didn't really consider it. Now I'm wondering what this means for the future. Are they going to get bigger if it was just a lack of...
  4. Dream

    What was the dream? Please tell!
  5. You May Have Too Many Fish If

    How about... When you fell asleep making that last bucket of RO water and flooded the basement.
  6. German Ram Eggs!!

    I agree, get them away from other fish. And keep them in a quiet room. My rams had babies more than once, but always ate them after a few days. I'm sure the other fish and my children were stressing them out.
  7. Planted Tank, New Discus

    I used Eco-Complete Substrate. I also have undergravel heating cables which helps the water circulate through the substrate. The plants use waste from your fish and also help keep the water clean. I do a 30% water change every week. I know that sounds like very little for discus, but my ammonia...
  8. Planted Tank, New Discus

    Thank you
  9. Planted Tank, New Discus

    No, I ordered them from Mac's Discus in Washington. These are my first discus, so I'm not really sure how you can tell that they are "stunted" or what that means exactly. I'm sad to find out that I didn't do as well as I thought I did, but I still love them and I think they are beautiful. They...
  10. Planted Tank, New Discus

    I'm trying!!! Yay! I did it! I had to re-size like 5 times, but there ya go.
  11. Planted Tank, New Discus

    I am soooo excited!! I finally got my discus! This is my dream tank. I just HAD to share!
  12. New Planted Discus Tank

    New Planted Discus Tank

  13. New Planted Discus Tank

    New Planted Discus Tank

    I finally got my discus! I've wanted a planted discus tank for so long! Last year I planted my tank. I spend a year making sure everything was stable and perfect and have finally gotten my discus. They make this my dream tank. I am so excited, I wanted to share.
  14. Baby Discus

    As long as there's enough water changes and good filtration, usual rule is 10 gallon per discus. for a list of tank mates.
  15. new peacock eel feeding

    I had a peacock eel for about 5 years. I usually fed him frozen blood worms because the little bricks float for awhile and he could carry a whole bunch with him to eat. When I first got him he had trouble finding the bloodworms and the other fish usually got them first. After a couple months he...

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