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    Is it a good thing to have your substrate stirred up???

    I agree that is Freshwater it is recommended to either leave a deep sand bed alone or stir it up regularly either by doing it yourself during weekly water changes or by getting somethings such as Malaysian Trumpet Snails that dig into the substrate and keep it stirred up for you... much the same...
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    Please Help! I need a quick answer, Please!

    this was a pretty good idea... I called to talk to the owner... they never returned my call so I guess it wasn't that urgent after all. I did buy the first one though. It is nicer than it looks in the pics and the owner gave me a bunch of extras and told me once I get it up and going he would...
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    Please Help! I need a quick answer, Please!

    I have been searching for a tank that fits my needs so I can begin a Saltwater project. I only get $100 a month in "fun" money to spend on my hobbies. So I have been saving and I don't want to spend more than I have to on a tank. I found a 75 gallon on CL that I am going to buy. It is exactly...
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    Three day old fry in tank with camalanus worms!!!

    I have never had this problem but a friend of mine did and she ordered this deworming has the medicine already in it. she crumbled it up tiny for them... She still lost a couple of her adult guppies but most the fry lived. Good luck with the little guys.
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    How to get water to the sump if the tank is not drilled?

    Well, today I called about 75 gallon tank on CL and left a message. I hope they call me back. I think it is a steal if he still has it. He posted it sometime yesterday. The stand needs some work as it looks like it was built into his home and he removed it. But I think my husband can do...
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    How to get water to the sump if the tank is not drilled?

    Well, I am still looking for a reef ready 75g, I have even add 90g to my search in hopes that it might open a door. But for some reason they are more money than they tanks with more volume. I can get a 250g tank for less! But my husband is against it and it does seem like a huge and expensive...
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    Shells for Land Hermit Crabs?

    I would like to find something where I have more control over what I buy... but I may try this anyway... the price doesn't seem to bad. Thanks!
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    Old Juwel Filter Converted to Surface Skimmer

    Very Kewl! I love DIY
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    Negative Reputation for posts not members.

    I am a full time lurker and a part time poster. I can live with like and dislike buttons. I do on Facebook. LOL But I have to say that on a site like this where the goal is to be informative instead of just social. It seems better that if you have a dislike button that it be attached to the...
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    How to get water to the sump if the tank is not drilled?

    Okay I am really new to the Saltwater world and I am still in the planning stage for my first tank. I have been doing lots of research and I am so grateful for all the information these forums provide. I have gained a lot of confidence just from reading what all of you have written here on these...
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    Inch worm in with bloodworms?

    From what I have read, there are different kinds of leeches. The most common kind that get in our tanks... and the one that gets in with the worms are a variety of Freshwater turtle leech and it does suck blood and loves to go after amphibians, especially frogs and turtles. So if you have any...
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    How taking my puppy to the lake almost killed her.

    Thank you all! I am so glad she is better too. Like I said, I have grown so attached to her that it surprises me! My oldest son (30 yrs old) went through a very similar situation with a puppy he found near his business just over a year ago. He tried so hard to save the little guy, whom he...
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    Shells for Land Hermit Crabs?

    This is a good idea... I have looked at the LFS that has land hermits... and the supply of shells is so sadly lacking that it makes me want to tell them a thing or two... about selling hermits which are a pet aimed at little kids and then not keeping the things they need to care for them...
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    Hermit crab heating!!

    I use two heat sources for my crabitat. I use a good quality under tank heater... and a heat lamp. Do your research on under tank heaters... none are inexpensive and none are made for what we are using them for. They are made to go under the tank and we DONT want them under the tank...
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    Shells for Land Hermit Crabs?

    Does anyone know a good source for Shells for Land Hermit Crabs? All my crabs are the Purple Pincher type that you commonly see at local pet stores. I have been keeping them for about a year and started because my son wanted them for his 5 year old daughter (now 6) and when I did some...
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