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  1. I inherited a disaster. Please assist?!

    hi there! please dont divide the female bettas if they are getting along leave them they could be bonded at this point and removing them could stress them out more in fact i would say add 2 more females and call it a sorority. female bettas can live in peace with each other and other fish. i...
  2. Rescuing fish

    when are you going down there?
  3. fish mailing mess up

    ok thanks i under stand better... also i didnt know that you could ship alligators O.O ok then lol i am going to package better next time
  4. fish mailing mess up

    ok thanks i just am overly mad about losing all my babies.if the one that's left doesn't pull though then someones gonna get it though. i packed them up to handle alot i put fluffy padding in and triple bagged them i cant believe this happened
  5. fish mailing mess up

    yea i know. i read the rules before i sent the fish through them. it is their mistake that it took an extra day and there are no rules regarding the receiving or sending of fish here. and they msut have killed like 12 fish at least! those were my babies and no one is getting away with that!
  6. fish mailing mess up

    ok so i need some help. apparently something was lost in context in the post office. i thought i was very clear when i marked off liquid perishable live animal and said 1-2 day priority shipping with special care. i find out that it takes 3 days for the package to get there it wasnt handled with...
  7. Sun catfish

    they are predators that get pretty big! they get larger then 8" and need a 75 gallon tank at least. they shouldnt be kept with anything they can swallow. it is pretty tho
  8. Graduation Fish Gift

    congradulations! those are some great fish! the feather fin needs at least a 50 gallon tank because they get larger then 8". they eat everything and can live longer then 10 years! so he will be with you for a long time maybe even 20 years! goodluck! becareful if you want to breed mollies with him...
  9. I've learned so much

    aww thanks! your such a great friend and im happy to help when ever i can! happy anniversary!
  10. Betta ID

    he looks like a veil tail but i would need a pic of the full spread to confirm it
  11. New Jewel Cichlid babys

    aww they are cute but i didnt think jewels got pregnant
  12. plants for sale

    ok all java moss is gone i will have more soon though
  13. Baby betta

    it depends on food and water quality but id say yea they do and its a pretty great experience!
  14. mixed rams breeding?

    can bolivian rams have some blue on them? the girl has a little blue on the top fin and around it and on the face.
  15. Baby betta

    the ones at petco are alot larger then true babies true fry are the size of a salt grain. the pet co babies are about .4-.5 inch and they are more hardy just care for them the same as normal bettas only use crushed flake food or prepared fry foods. dont keep plastic plants they can cut the babies.

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