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    Help identifying bugs in my shrimp tank

    Great. Thanks for the info! I have a lone pea puffer in a 10g tank next to my shrimp. Maybe I can feed them to him?
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    Help identifying bugs in my shrimp tank

    Hi all. Hoping someone can help me identify these bugs in my shrimp tank. They seem seem to be growing in numbers!. They mostly cluster on the back glass that has a lot of algea. They move around quite quickly on the glass and sometimes swim around. My shimps are starting to breed so I don't...
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    Sex of Kribensis?

    Hoping it's a female. This is a Krib in my friends tank and we would like to try breeding with my male if it is in fact a female
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    Sex of Kribensis?

    Can anyone help me with sexing this kribensis? Thanks!
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    What started you in the fish hobby?

    About 2 years ago.I bought my daughter sea monkeys. Then a Triops hatchery. She lost interest pretty quick but I got right into it! Now I have a 45g planted community tank, a 5 gallon guppy tank, a 10 gallon kribensis breeding tank, a 10 gallon Blue Valvet breeding tank and a 15 gallon Honey...
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    Peace lillys?

    Wow that's really nice!
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    Stocking uncycled tank?

    Yes. I put both plants and snails in when cycling a tank. The plants will have BB on them which will help the cycle. And depending on the snails they will help with adding ammonia to the tank which will feed the BB.
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    Betta comparability with my fish tank

    I have never been good at judging stocking levels but I think that may be a bit cramped for a 10g. Although I tend to overstock. That being said I have a Betta fish I'm my 45g community tank with two Honey Gourami and Cory Doras and they do very well with the Betta. I have a number of other...
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    Peace lillys?

    Has anyone been successful growing peace lillys in an aquarium? I just built an above tank sump with the intention on growing plants in it. Iv got peace Lullys, Pothos and bamboo in it so far. Any ideas of what other house plants I can add that are aquarium safe?
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    Well another Female dropped her eggs. Quickly built a little egg tumbler. I will see if any of these guys will hatch out!
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    Brine Shrimp Hatchery Checklist

    I agree with the comments above. I will just add of your going to continue to hatch them out make sure the eggs you bought are not expired. I tried a few batches from some eggs that were only a few months past experation and it was a very low hatch rate. I have not tried the brand you have but...
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    Brown spot disease/ rust disease?

    Yes I agree! I do watch and enjoy both Mark's Shrimp tanks and Mark's Aquatics. I find Mark's Aquatics has a lot of good information on breeding fish. I also like Flip Aquatics for information on shimp keeping/breeding.
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    Is it wrong to feed bettas peas?

    Following! I just discovered this evening that my community tank Betta is bloated. I only just started reading into peas as treatment. Also read that brine shrimp is a better alternative to peas to aid in digestion. So I have no idea really and can't really add anything to help you but I am...
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    Keeping Infusoira culture going long term?

    Has anyone kept an infusoira culture going for long term? If so how do you keep it healthy? I just moved my Honey Gouramis back to my community tank from the breeding tank. They were in there over a week an were not showing any breeding behavior. I was conditioning them with a feed of BBS and...
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    Brown spot disease/ rust disease?

    richie.p Yes I can see how it is harder on the blue for sure! I'm happy it's nothing that will hurt them. I will be investing in an RO unit soon. For now I am buying 1 gallon jugs of disstilled water. These guys are only in a 10 gallon for now so the water isn't much of a cost. I did just...
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