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    What type of fish/oscar is this?

    Hi, It looks like a "wild" oscar color and pattern...
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    amano's always so hyperactive?

    I have never had amano but i've had cherry and Glass shrimp. I have many glass shrimp now and I know that most of the time the first day or couple days after I just got them and put them in the tank they do that. They swim up and down the tank ,constantly andthen they call down and walk around...
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    Anyone sell any live black or tubifex worms?

    I called 7 pet stores today , 3 of them specialized in fish and none of them had live blackworms or tubifex worms. Some of the people acted like I was crazy for asking, hehe. I would order them but I think I might need to take a loan out at the bank to afford them LOL. I just wanted to get a...
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    29 Gallon Tank white decaying flakes

    Hi, how long did you leave the food in there before changing any of the water? It can cause a major ammonia spike if the food keeps decaying and more gets added on top of the decaying stuff. I agree with Steen, just use a fish vacuum to clean the gravel and it should be fine. I'd test...
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    New here so here is mine

    Truly lovely!!!!!
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    What Do You Feed 'Em?

    I feed my fish all different times. My puffer/eel tank I feel usually in the late evening and then about 8 minutes later I turn off the lights for the night so my eels can eat. Sometimes I feed that tank twice a day. My other tank with my firemouth and sunfish I feed about 2 or 3 times a...
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    Anyone sell any live black or tubifex worms?

    HI Thanks for the reply!! I've bought "shrimps and a crawfish on there before" its a cool site!!! I was looking for a worm that was sorta like a earthworm only much smaller, but not to small. If I had found the tub worms online I was going wash them throughly and sorta let them get clean on...
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    Anyone sell any live black or tubifex worms?

    Hi, I'm looking for these worms, either one for my peacock eels and can't find them locally. Does Anyone? Thanks!!
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    Male Or Female Firemouth?

    HI Allie, when it was younger it seemed okay although it chased abit for about the first two weeks or so and then it became VERY aggressive, I think it didn't like its tank mates even though they didn't bother it. I had planned on waiting until it was bigger before I moved it since I knew a 10...
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    Male Or Female Firemouth?

    I'm so sorry Allie!!! I know they sure can be aggressive males and females. I read somewhere that people said they are community fish....WHAT?!?! I've never had one that fit in that categry and Its sad because I see people get them thinking they can put them in with other "community fish" and...
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    do Loaches sleep?

    Hehehe nah I knew what ya meant!!!! I think they are fine!!!! I have peacock eels and they do the same sorta thing where they just sit there sometimes and don't move. I think its has to do with since they are nocturnal like loaches, they try to find a place to sleep during the day even if its...
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    Male Or Female Firemouth?

    HI Kate! Thanks for the sweet comment!!! I'm thinking it must be a girl. Its very plump all the time, has beautiful shimmering greens, blues, purples, pinks, and yellows all over the body and only a tiny bit of very very pale pink on the throat. Its eyes are a lovely aqua color (the iris)...
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    do Loaches sleep?

    I'm pretty sure all fish sleep. I think it depends on the fish, some take naps through the day, some hide during the day and sleep and some sleep all night until the lights come on in the morning. They are sure are cute when they sleep!!!
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    Finally - Fry

    Congrats, fish babies are so adorable!!!!!!!!
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    Bio-load and Aggression

    I have one large "blue Crawfish" and I wouldn't recommend putting it with anything smaller than 3-4 inches. I have one in with a firemouth and sunfish and it does fine in there since the fish are larger. He mostly will come out in the tank at night and is sorta a messy eater and once he gets a...
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