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    55G North American Themed Potted Tank Build

    Hey all, Usually I stick to the inverts but this last couple months I've picked up the itch to do my first fully potted tank. I'd like to theme it with North American fish and plants. I'm pretty new to the whole aquarium thing so finicky fish won't do. What would you guys stock your tank with...
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    Snails fighting??

    Looks like a mating attempt for sure but what I've noticed is when I add new snails they like to "feel" each other out, literally. It's not really anything to be too concerned about as I have never noticed cannibalistic behavior or any real aggression. Sometimes you just need a snail hug
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    Mystery Snail laying eggs...but not above water.

    Yep definitely just snail poop. My girl just got done taking the whole Saturday to poop! It can be alarming if you're not used to snails. One thing interesting to me is that the snail shell is changing color. I've never seen that before. It may be possible that this snail is of a different...
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    Munchie snails

    Snails marketed as mystery snails will not eat your live plants. I like them because they get to bigger than ping pong ball size and have great personalities. Also check the article Nickdrummer posted.
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    Snail ID help?

    Looks like a pond snail to me. The cone on the shell is a little too prominent to be a mystery/ apple snail IMO. Also if the other tank is full of pond snails, do you have mystery snails at all? If not I'd stick with the bladder/ pond snail ID
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    Snail ID

    Ramshorn for sure. They're pretty but I'm not a huge fan. They have some pretty cool colors out there so if you like them, look into that. Mine have white shells and red feet! They do reproduce independently so keeping them in check can be a challenge. They lay their eggs under the water level...
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    Mysterious baby mystery snails

    Looks like some kind of pond/ pest snail to me with that pointy cone... where the eggs laid in the water or above the water line? Mystery snails will only lay their eggs above the water line, where as pond snails will lay eggs in the water.
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    help is my snail dead?

    In the future,the best surefire way to determine if your snail is dead is to smell it. If he's dead... you'll know
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    What kind of snail?

    I'm a huge fan of mystery snails, but as stated before, if they were fertilized prior to you getting them then you could end up with lot of little ones. The Nerites need brackish water to breed so as long as you keep them in a fresh water tanks then you'll have no issues. Though ime mysteries...
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    Noob needs id

    Thanks for the help gang!
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    Snail question

    Caseymyoung if you attach a photo we can help identify the culprit for the shell damage as well!
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    Rabbit snail emergency!

    Poor guy
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    Will Mystery snails eat my live plants?

    Nope. Generally mystery snails will not eat any of you vegetation unless it's soft and rotted. Mystery snails love algae either in wafers or on the tank, but I also supplement mine with zucchini, spinach, and lettuce. They love all those and the extra calcium keeps their shells strong and hole-free
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    Snail question

    At our house we call them our airborne snail brigade. The larger ones will climb to the top and then release and float down. As far as landing upside down, that's just bad luck. A sure fire way to see if your snail is dead is the sniff test. If it smells dead, it's dead. What does dead smell...
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