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    Threadfin rainbows

    I have about 20 in with least rasboras harlequin and CPD's and they are the least quarrelsome in the tank
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    Is getting duckweed a good idea?

    That being said, it's excellent stuff for low-maintenance setups. It's hardy and eats pollution like no one's business. You'll have to remove it manually every week so that it doesn't kill everything below it via nutrient deficiency but you'll never have a detectable ppm of nitrogen with that...
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    Anacharis elodea

    You stated you change your lighting, your plants will probably require more nutrients. When I have backed off adding ferts my elodea seems to grey out. Did you notice a growing spurt when you first changed your lighting? If so you may need to feed them more and do more trimming.
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    Float or plant anacharis?

    I struggled to get anacharis rooted in my tanks, it always seem to melt away. Till I began letting it float a few weeks until it started growing white water roots. Then I add plant weights and anchor it in place. Mine grow straight up like kelp the look I was going for till I trim them, but...
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    Amazon. My nerite snails kept going on adventures.
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    Is this an Otocinclus?

    I ordered 6 ottos from a vendor one turned out to be a dwarf cory!
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    Feeding Otocinclus?

    I got my otto's started on raphsy to supplement their diet
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    Found amano shrimp 35 FEET away from tank

    I was moving an Amano from one of my tanks to the display tank when he jumped from the net and began crawling across my living room. They can be hard to catch when they make their minds up.
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    Aqua Huna vs Petco

    Their pretty peaceful, the cpd's and least rasbora tend to occupy the lower levels among the plants and threadfins and harlequins school the middle level. They are in a 4 foot long 65 gal. heavily planted so there is room and hiding places for everyone
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    Aqua Huna vs Petco

    I purchased my school of emerald dwarf rasboras from AH, it worked out great.
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    Beamswork DA FSPEC or Stingray 2???

    I use a Beamsworks DA FSPEC in a 24' deep 65 gal and the plants thrive
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    Anyone else unable to grow java fern and swords?

    That may be my problem, I have hard water and java ferns seem to melt away. My elodea, vals, and wisteria have to be trimmed weekly
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    No fish, only plants?

    A plant-only tank with no the excuse I used with my wife when I brought home another tank I found on sale
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    What to do with a half or 1/4 gallon bowl

    I have a 1/2 gallon bowl now sitting on my patio table with a red Tiger Lotus and whatever pest snails I remove from my tanks, all are thriving
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    Firearm enthusiasts?

    I have my grandfathers guns, my fathers, and ones I've collected. My sons and my grandson will be the 4th and 5th generation to own them. And yes I'm from Texas
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