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    Which is weirder:

    Which fish looks the weirdest out of all of these?
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    Figure 8 puffers

    You should get a bubble wall. Many puffers like riding them. I went of a puffer forum and a few websites and they said pacing is usually normal but I did find an article that said: "If your Puffers are constantly cruising the tank that is okay. Constant up and down pacing usually means they are...
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    DC or Marvel?

    Yess. I mostly agree. When watching end game, some references confused me because I don't watch a lot of M arvel related films (or at least a lot of the older ones), but I could still understand the movie. As someone who reads so many webcomics under a site for webcomics, I love when the authors...
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    Diy pellets

    Do you know the binder in aquatic feed pellet? THE NUTRITION AND FEEDING OF FARMED FISH AND SHRIMP Those links should be helpful and informing. I think there may be some people/companies that sell binding powders but if those are actual things, I'd make sure to check the ingredients. One...
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    DC or Marvel?

    One thing I hate about marvel though is how everything is so overly connected. You have to watch like 5 - 6 other marvel movies to fully understand Wandavision. That's just one example. I like and respect connections but tOo mUcH!
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    Are these actual fish?

    Wow thanks. It's still shocking how such a beautiful fish isn't popular. I live THOUSANDS of miles away from Germany so if I had them shipped, they'd probably die. I hope some people in my country start taking interest in them.
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    Gourami has spawned in community tank

    Yeah, the male honey gourami aren't that aggressive but I wouldn't take a risk
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    What's your cleaning crew?

    Plants are my savior.
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    Pick 3 Fish

    I’m sorry I would have added them but there’s a poll limit- pleaseforgivemepufferfishgods,iloveyoudwarfpufferfish
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    DC or Marvel?

    Marvel. The only part I really like about DC are the villains.
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    Cutest fish poll

    I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that
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    Pick 3 Fish

    Sorry for the lack of SALTwater fish. I just picked a lot of popular beginner - intermediate fish. I would pick: 1.Goldfish (the fancies are so cute and chubby. they hold a special place in my heart, especially orandas and fantails) 2.Betta (I’m basic. They’re classic. tHaT rHymEd) 3.Corydora...
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    Fish, Snails, or Shrimp?

    I’d pick fish. There are so many options and they do a lot more in general. I feel like most people who pick shrimp tanks are chill/calm/patient people (not that you aren’t if you don’t pick shrimp tanks), people who pick fish tanks like variety and action, and people who pick snail tanks are...
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    Gourami has spawned in community tank

    Yeah. I didn't mean wait for them to grow up in the breeder box. I'm saying if they are fry in the same tank, once they grow up, separate them by gender before moving them into another tank. They asked if they should move the gouramis into a tank when they grow larger without specifying what...
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    Gourami has spawned in community tank

    They might bully each other as they grow up if it's only 5 gallons. I'm not a pro when it comes to gouramis', but wait for them to grow up and then separate them by gender is what I would do before moving them in to a tank.
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