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    14G Reef Biocube.

    Couldn't have said it better myself, lol. I've debated on feeding the feather dusters, but they are going on 3-4 months and they look better than ever. I have no luck with dusters in my other tanks that I feed, these are the last ones I have. There are also at least 2 hermits and tons of...
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    14G Reef Biocube.

    This one was free to me, given to me by a friend who just wanted out of the hobby. But if I had to break it down into dollar values it would be: Tank 100 dollars new from Ebay, comes with everything, but heat and skimmer. Heater and skimmer were 20 dollars new 20 pounds of live rock...
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    14G Reef Biocube.

    What an easy tank to take care of. All I do is top it off with RO water, clean out the skimmer and glass. I don't feed or do anything else at all. image image
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    Help Hot Water!!!

    Are you sure your thermometer is correct? I have 3 different thermeters on my 150g and I always get 3 different readings in the same tank. My 90g has two if one reads 80 the other one will read 85, even if I move them around. You can also run you tank at night or early morning before things...
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    How Many Devices Do You Have Connected To Internet

    Are you counting other devices besides your computers like video game players, smartphone/media phones, security systems, and digital audio players to name a few. There is even an aquarium controler that is capable of being online.
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    Live Rock Hitch Hiker

    Go to youtube and search "Manits vs." than decide for yourself. lol Here's a example.
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    Question how can salinity double?

    The jump isn't going to hurt you GSP. I would keep it there as your next step. I let my GSP puffer tank salinity move around to mimic their natural habitat. I keep my at 1.017 to 1.023. But they are older.
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    I'll bet they are still a few in there. I personnally wouldn't worry about them. Pick them out if they are easy to get to, but other than that I wouldn't worrry about them.
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    Question how can salinity double?

    There could be several reasons for your salinity to go up. Evaporation, salt not thoughly mixed with water when you added it. If you didn't net the new fish into the tank and dump the water they come in into your tank, the water they came could be higher, raising your salinity. If you using a...
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    Question Is this acceptable?

    I don't run a skimmer on my 10g and it does fine, but I don't have fish in there and I don't feed the tank either. I didn't have a skimmer on my 55g for a long time and it was fine also. One thing, make sure the live rock is on the glass bottom and not the sand. If the rock is on the sand...
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    Good or bad idea?

    Even the 55g is a nice deal. My first tank was 150g. At times the 150g felt like work because the water changes were so huge. My 55 is more of a fun tank for me, since the water changes are quite easy when compared to the 90 or 150. If you get one, what ever size, ask lots of questions and...
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    Good or bad idea?

    I brought mine up and running with no prior salt water exprierence, just fresh water and I wasn't a master at that. It seems like sw and I were a good match, since I've done so much better with sw than fw. I now have several sw tanks and have never looked back. No regrets what so ever. I know...
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    Freshwater Guy With Saltwater Idea

    I've never seen any agression with my puffers. My lions are quite peaceful as long as they can't get them in whole in there mouths (don't under estimate their mouth!) they don't bother them. The eel is capable of taking chucks of anything, but shows no interest in anything unless it's food...
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    Why Buy a Biocube?

    Or why not take 600 buck and find a good deal on craigslist.
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    Freshwater Guy With Saltwater Idea

    I've never been stung by the lions, but I'm sure the sting would be worst. I've been bit by a puffer and eel both. Eel didn't really hurt,but it caught my finger nail. Puffer hurt, but more like a hard pinch from someone.

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