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  1. Sluggish Betta

    He's in a 30 gallon heated and filtered tank. The tank stays at 78 degrees. I did just do a water change and gravel vac a few days ago, ammonia, pH, and nitrates are all normal. He usually gets one fresh bloodworm a day but he doesn't usually eat all of it, I usually take the other half out when...
  2. Sluggish Betta

    He usually has them once a day and normally he goes crazy for them. I noticed he did poop recently, so Im not sure if he's constipated. I can definitely try treating him for that though.
  3. Sluggish Betta

    I think my Betta might not be feeling well. He was eating and swimming around normally yesterday, but today he won't touch his bloodworms and he's hanging out at the bottom of the tank refusing to move very much. He's been nestled in a plant l, facing upwards for a little while. I'm getting...
  4. Bettas And Veggies?

    Yeah, I have two tanks that I split half a zucchini with every couple of days. I always boil them before they go in the tanks so that it's soft enough for my bottom dwellers. Somnus mostly eats his blood worms, this is the first time I've seen him eat the zucchini, it just freaked me out a...
  5. Bettas And Veggies?

    My little six month old Betta, Somnus, lives in a 10 gallon planted tank that he shares with a few of my mystery snails. He has a steady diet of bloodworm, but recently I busted him chowing down on one of the snails blanched zucchini slices. I watching him swollow an entire seed and then go back...
  6. Betta Photos

    I just had to share this with someone who didn't think I was weird! My little Somnus is about 6 months old now and growing into a fiesty little fishy! ️
  7. New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    Somnus is getting huge and his colors are getting much brighter recently. He enjoys pushing lone baby mystery snails off their leaves and zucchini slices
  8. New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    Update: I had to cha fe the name from Hypnos to Somnus because it kept making me think of the weird looking Pokémon lol His colours have become much brighter in the last few days.
  9. Mystery Snail Baby Colors

    I've resigned myself to the idea That they're mostly black, but some of the very small hatchlings from the last clutch look like they are starting to for very light feet, they look like small shells gliding along the tank. Still have a clutch incubating too so in curious about what comes from...
  10. Mystery Snail Baby Colors

    So their shells are turning like a dark green and gold color and some of their feet are light with speckles and some of them are dark. It looks like there's definitely some black snails in the hatchery. I've not seen a black snail with a light foot though, is that weird?
  11. New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    Update: Hypnos is getting bigger! I'm pretty sure he's a double tail with the way his fins seem to be growing. He's very curious. He likes to watch people and the baby mystery snails.
  12. Question Mystery Snail Shell Broken?

    It's just regular shell growth, you might want to add some cuttlebone to the tank to make sure they're getting enough calcium.
  13. Mystery Snail Vanished?

    My very first mystery snail escaped out of the gap in the lid by the filter, I found her behind my computer desk with a cracked shell. they do tend to roam if they aren't contained completely. I taped over the gaps in my tank lid to prevent future escapes.
  14. Mystery Snail Trying To Fly?

    That's so funny!! It sounds like Adrian is just having some fun. Ive seen my snails do that from time to time, I've also seen them playing in the filter outtake and throwing themselves off the side of the tank repeatedly. They'll find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves. He'll be just...
  15. Snail Life/behavior

    That's actually a pretty good way to keep them separated, I might use this idea next time my pleco starts getting too pushy.

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