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  1. Molly Fry Question

    So i am not sure if this happens a lot or if my giant molly is just incapeable of having a normal batch of fry. All my molly's half her size are having batches of fry consisting of 10-25 per batch, but my giant molly has yet again only had 5 fry. This is her 4th batch and before she drops her...
  2. fry picture gallery

    So these were our suprise fry lol. Thought i had more time before they would.drop, but it seems i was mistaken. At the moment we have only 6 but they are so cute!
  3. Are These Mollies Preggo?!

    Yup...those mollies were preggo. Sadly i missed watching them.birth their first batch. We got hime and i noticed theu were freaking out in their tank and it only took a few seconds to realize they were both chasing something...turns out it was their fry. So far only 6 are hiding in the floating...
  4. Are These Mollies Preggo?!

    So me and my bleeding heart...i was at a friends house and she had just bought 2 mollies for her fish tank who were being tortured by her barbs. I, if course, agreed to take them off her hands and add them to my molly population. Once they were placed with my mollies i noticed they are much more...
  5. Help Id These Little Pests

    They are mostly around 1/4" long with clearish bodies and tan/brown insides. No visible legs or "faces"
  6. Help Id These Little Pests

    A littke more info i should have included...they are only above the water line and look clearish white on the glass and kind of tan on a paper towel.
  7. Help Id These Little Pests

    Ok, so i have been told they are rhabdoceola, planaria, detritus and nematodes. Can anyone help accurately identify these pests?
  8. Strange Little Worms

    I took another picture and a video clip(that it is not letting me upload). They are now in one of my 10 gallon aquariums as well, but again they are only above the water line? Not going to lie, the little buggers are creeping me out...too many episodes of monsters inside me lol
  9. Strange Little Worms

    So i have no clue where these little guys came from, but they are multiplying too fast for my liking. I have been yold they are planaria, nematodes and ditritis(sp?). I don't like them and therefore i need help identifying them and then figuring out how to get rid of them. Theu arw not actually...

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