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    Denied Fish From Petco - Scenario - Was I Out Of Line

    She is within her right per policy to deny sales, though. The platy story, perplexes me. That one should have been brought to store leader attention for training.
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    Funny Got A Good Laugh While Calling Some Stores :)

    Petco employee here. They send us Japanese algae eating shrimp and amano shrimp and I've always wondered what the difference was, minus price. So I started blocking any variety except amano, and they aren't kept NEAR the ghost shrimp for that reason. No one who isn't familiar with aquatics are...
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    Denied Fish From Petco - Scenario - Was I Out Of Line

    I wouldn't have sold them either, as a Petco employee. Not because of the stocking, your current stock has a low bio load. I wouldn't add more fish but I like to understock. I would have denied based on the length of the tank. The tetras you're looking into get much larger than your current ones...
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    About To Put An Axe Through This Piece Of Garbage.

    I'm so sorry you're having a hard time. I know it's frustrating when everything should work in theory and you feel like you've spent hours researching. But I'll agree, reel it back. Fish keeping is supposed to be relaxing with only the occasional drama to spice things up. Get everything healthy...
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    How To Lower Nitrate Levels

    The only thing I have to add that I didn't see yet is that live-bearers seem to produce a lot of waste. I personally prefer them in a 20 gallon and you're already battling source water nitrates. Investing in an RO system would probably make your life way easier, but you've still got little...
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    Bala Constantly Glass Surfing

    How big is the tank? Have you tried to wrap the sides and back in a background to see if he only does it on the reflective side?
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    A Huge Garter Snake

    Probably a staph infection from an open wound. Sad to hear about the snake being killed. When given a chance, they try to get away. One exception would be a cottonmouth but those are very territorial. Also venomous, better to avoid it rather than try to kill it.
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    A Huge Garter Snake

    I'll bet you that is a momma. It's about that time of year! Garters give live birth and are one of the few snakes that can live communally. They eat worms, amphibians, and rodents. Great snake to have in your yard!
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    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    @seadyu Any updates on this tank? Did you end up getting a bigger tank or more white skirts for this guy?
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    How Can I Improve My Water Quality (ph And Hardness)?

    I had very hard, mineralised water like that in Las Vegas. I'm in Redmond, WA now with very soft, acidic water. I'd rather have the hard water. Soft water fish adjust better to hard water than the other way around. I also feel like my plants and crustaceans did better too with ample minerals. I...
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    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    I work at Petco, haha. It varies from store to store. I've worked at three stores, two in Vegas and one in Washington, so very different pH. We never really had issues with them, at least not with the skirt tetras and tiger barbs. The Danios would sometimes die. Making sure they go into a very...
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    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    No shame in getting fish your children like, as long as you're keeping them properly! I just hate the marketing that suggests they'll do well in a 5 or 10 gallon tank. I always recommend a 20 long or 29 as the minimum so they have a lot of space to swim, they're highly active fish and they reach...
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    What Type Of Fish Is This?

    @seadyu Really cute marbles you've got there Looking forward to seeing a new set up thread for the 29 gallon! You can, all the same species. Some people mix in white and black skirts to keep the prices down on a school. The GloFish are pricey!
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    I Think My Tank Is Too Small For A Pleco

    Can you also let us know what kind of tetras you have? Most of the commonly sold ones do better in a 20H or 20L tank, depending. The 10 gallon doesn't give very active fish much space to swim. There are plenty of great tetra options, but they're usually sold at specialty shops. Exchange the...
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    Help New Bn Pleco Is Too Small!

    Cover your intake with pantyhose and a rubber band. He won't be able to get under it. BN benefit from having their diets supplemented anyway so you should have something like Omega One Veggie Rounds on hand anyway, and you can give him veggies like zucchini. You can buy breeder boxes online and...

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