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    How to make an open bottom fish tank

    Oh my gosh I love it!
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    orange spots

    I have 2 dalmation mollies ( is lyretails right?), anyways, they both have orange spots on them. Not alot, they each have like 2 and they act healthy but I don't know if they have something or if they just are naturally extra spotted. Any suggestions?
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    Male female not getting along

    Daughter has 20 gallon with 3 guppies, and we just added 2 dalmation mollies. One is male and one is female ( spotty and dotty). Anyways, the male is kinda mean to the female. He kinda nips at her. Any thoughts?
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    3 guppies in a 20 gal...

    Kind King, Could I put 2 baby angelfish in with the guppies? In my big tank every body gets along, I think it's because everybody has somebody and I bought the angels big and the barbs little. But the angels are sooooo graceful.
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    Do you like Reading books?

    I love to read. I like stephen king alot. Anything kinda gory. :;ghost
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    3 guppies in a 20 gal...

    My "daughter" has a 20 gal w/ 3 guppies we rescued from my 50 gal. It's a cute tank but we would like to add alittle more. Any suggestions? It's somewhat near a window so I think we may get a snail, but other than that we're open to suggestions. In the 50 we have 2 black angels, 10 tiger barbs...
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    black spot and odd pattern

    How exciting!! Tanks alot. Now I'm gonna go visit your miamI prison site.
  8. Violets_tank


    My daughter Violets 20 gal.
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    black spot and odd pattern

    I just set up my daughters 20 gal and put 3 guppies from my tank into hers. Everybody is doing well except my male guppy has a weird black spot between his fin back fin ( what's left of it because my tiger barbs were nipping) and his belly. I think it's male because he had a swooshy printed...
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    Do my Neons behave normal?

    What a great post. I have the same gig. I have 8 neons and they hide in the corner. It's interesting because I have 10 t.barbs and they really don't bother the neons at all. Sometimes they all hang around at the bottom of the tank. I jsut got a 20 gal started for my daughter and I think I am...
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    Anyone has neon tetras and tiger barbs together?

    Lots of barbs We have 10 tiger barbs, 8 neon tetras, 3 guppies and one awesome snail. My tiger barbs a a bunch of stink pots. The go after the other fish but don't really nip. They are coool to watch.
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    Wattage of heater for 50 gal.

    Tanks a-lot! I unplugged it last night and when I checked it this morning it was at about 80. So I got alittle bit of time to get a new one. x
  13. Pictures_off_camera_9-08_016


    I gotta get a better camera. These are just the first of many!
  14. Those silly tiger barbs!

    Those silly tiger barbs!

    Just a shot of my tigers goofing off.
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    Wattage of heater for 50 gal.

    I have a no brand heater in there now but the light is ALWAYS on! My tank is in the basement but it's not that cold....yet. The thermometer says it's like 85 degrees. Is that too high? I got 5 tiger barbs, 5 neon tetras, 3 guppies and a snail.
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