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I loved keeping fish when I was a child I loved guppies especially. I had a 10 gallon tank but didn't know about the nitrogen cycle or really anything so at one point I had a pleco (for over 5 years), I had four bala sharks, about 10 tetras, about 15 male and female guppies and a bunch of snails all in that one small tank because the person at Walmart didn't really care. Needless to say I lost every one of those fish except for the pleco and 4 of each tetra and guppies within two months. Almost a year ago I got two male bettas and again the lady at the pet store said they'd be fine in a 0.5 gallon tank, they were ok with it until i noticed how big they had gotten and how tiny that tank looked, i went and got two 3.5 gallons as where I'm from for the both of them cost me almost $80 CAD and they were on sale! Well when I transfered them one was over the moon and soooo much more active, however the other one wasn't and I couldn't figure out why, turns out he had fin rot since I brought him home from the store. After about a few hours of research and some advice from people on the internet I got indian almond leaves, got a water test kit, and some aquarium salt. Sadly though one morning he was swimming and seemed to be getting better and when i went to feed him that night he was gone. I since have gotten another one but I made sure to check for fin rot signs now i know what to look for. Im planning on starting my 15 gallon long tank soon but not until i do more research on the type of fish I want as I dont want to repeat any of my past mistakes. In the future I'm hoping to get a 55 gallon or more. Even though I kept fish for a few years when I was younger, all this info is new to me so it feels like I'm just starting out again.
Jun 24, 1991 (Age: 30)
Regina, Saskatchewan
I didn't for my first fish in the tank but the snails and shrimp i did before adding to betta tanks.
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
Floval complete test kit, flourish fertilizer, and API dechlorinator with an anti stress already added.
2 years
Do you know of and understand the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
3.5 gallon
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
1 male betta, 2 nerite snails, 4 blue shrimp
Aquarium Start Date
June 10 2020 (had the betta for almost a year in a smaller tank cuz of lady at store)
low light
Aquarium #2 Size
3.5 gallon
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
1 male betta, 2 nerite snails, 4 blue shrimp
Tank #2 Start Date
June 10 2020
Tank #2 Ammonia
Tank #2 Nitrite
Tank #2 Nitrate
Tank #2 Temperature
Tank #2 pH
Tank #2 Lighting
low light
Tank #2 Filter Type
the filter that came with the tank, not to sure but it works good, has two filters in the one
Aquarium #3 Size
15 gallon long (haven't started yet when I do ill add the info)


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