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    Quarantined Goldfish at temperature above 86*F

    I have a 32 cent goldfish (barely 1") quarantined in a 5 gallon hospital tank for ich. I have several questions: 1. At what temperature does the ich parasite die regardless of its current life stage? 2. How long would I need to keep the tank at that temperature to ensure that any and all...
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    DH's golfish got a bigger tank, but seems to have a problem still

    I suggest going to a small business LFS. There's a guy in a town about 15 miles from where I live who sells used aquariums and always tests them to see if they hold water. You're better off going to one of those than Craigslist or the thrift store, even if it does cost a little extra. I got...
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    20 Gallon Tank Bottom Feeders?

    The Betta and the danios get along okay. I saw a danio try to nip at the betta's tail and he darted off really quickly when the betta caught wind of what he was up to. So the danios usually leave the betta alone. The opposite is generally true too, only the betta isn't afraid of the danios, he's...
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    20 Gallon Tank Bottom Feeders?

    I have a 20 gallon tropical fish tank with 5 zebra danios and 1 male betta. I would like to add some (life forms) that eat food off the bottom. They have to eat tropical fish food. I keep the tank at a steady 25*C/78*F, I have a filter rated at 120gph and the aquarium is planted.
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    Suggestions for growing goldfish

    I think I'll pass on upgrades for a while, until my fish get to be about 4.5" or so.
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    Gold fish help wanted

    Goldfish are very adaptable, so the "coldwater fish" classification is a bit deceptive. The reason they are called that is because many breeds can survive at temperatures slightly above freezing. However, goldfish can withstand temperatures of up to 104 degrees F for a short period of time...
  7. Tiger


    This is my other fantail goldfish, Tiger. I bought him about three months ago on a whim. I estimate his age to be 4-6 months. First I kept him in a 10 gallon all to himself, but given goldfish and their need for room, I knew I would eventually have to upgrade. So I did. When I got my 29 gallon I...
  8. Tiger and Pom Jr.

    Tiger and Pom Jr.

    The two have become the best of friends, despite their size difference. When I first put the two together in a 20 gallon Tiger was scared to death of the larger Pom Jr., who would chase him and try to bite him until I simply had to remove him back to his old tank, but since upgrading to the 29...
  9. Pom, Jr.

    Pom, Jr.

    Named after an old family pet oranda who died of dropsy (RIP Pom Pom), Pom Jr. is a beautiful fantail goldfish. He is about 3.5" long and I estimate his age at about a year. I got him from Walmart about 9 months ago. Originally I kept him in a 5 gallon, but I recently upgraded to a 20 and...
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    Zebras keep eating the betta's food!

    Fin nippers they are, but so far it's just been with their own kind. They're scared of the betta. Mine are still only about an inch long. I bought them small.
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    Zebras keep eating the betta's food!

    Ah. I was able to keep the other fish from eating the betta food today. I know zebra danios are fast and if they grow to full size they might start nipping, but that's just something I'll have to watch. If I notice the betta acting weird I'll do something about it. But as far as I've heard...
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    Zebras keep eating the betta's food!

    Not danios. Are you talking about the fish that grow around 4" long and nip each other all the time, or the neon tetra sized one that some guy found a way to make glow in the dark? So far the zebras haven't nipped at the betta. It's a 20 gallon tank and after all each of them has 4 others to...
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    Zebras keep eating the betta's food!

    I have a 20 gallon with one male betta and five zebra danios. Whenever I try to feed the betta, the pellets it misses usually get eaten by the zebra danios. Sometimes the betta will nibble at the tropical flakes I give the zebras, but I'm not sure if he really eats it. My question is, is it...
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    goldfish sick and need help

    It could be old tank syndrome causing problems in your goldfish. If the pH gets too low for the nitrifying bacteria to reproduce or function biologically, they start to die, and that can lead to an ammonia spike.
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    Suggestions for growing goldfish

    Hi guys. After a series of upgrades and whatnot, I finally have my ideal tank for my goldfish. It's 29 gallons. I've found that the goldfish really do become placid and friendly toward one another when they have enough room to spread out their fins. There's no bullying between the two. That was...

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