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    Fish In Cycle With Prime Stability???

    Good explanation. I will vouch for stability forever though. 31 tanks, I breed fish and have lots of experience. Stability works if used properly. But extremely accurate that nothing instantly cycles a tank
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    Help With Breeding Ebas

    I breed SA, and African cichlids and also guppies. But haven't had as many stuggles I've had with my EBA pair! When I first got them they were bare bottom with slate and a flat Rock. The layed almost instantly then maybe 4-7 days ate the fry. Which isn't very common. So I talked to some people...
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    Fish In Cycle With Prime Stability???

    Do not dose everyday with prime(unless you're doing daily water changes). It DOES not actually do much with ammonia. Your best bet. Is do a 30% water change ever 4 days. And two days after every water change dose with stability. You can't "instantly" cycle a tank, but you can speed up the...
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    Pregnant Guppy?

    I breed guppies. Based on the pictures she is either not pregnant or just freshly. Could easily be just maturing in general. Either way. Easy way to fix the worry of fry being eaten put a small plant that has tons of cover in the tank so the fry can dwell there. One of my breeding tanks has...
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    Help Is Too Much Light A Thing?

    Definitely such thing as too much light. But can't be to quick to jump to this conclusion. What light do you have for your aquarium? What type of cover do you have for the fish. Ie plants little caves rocks etc If your fish were not use to such pure strong light directly on your tank it could...
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    How Long Should A Fishes Cycle Take?

    Not bad. Go with seachem stability would be my suggestion. But this can make the cycle super quick
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    What Fish Would You Recommend?

    What size is the tank? Much smaller than it golden catfish you don't mean an eclipse catfish do you?
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    How Long Should A Fishes Cycle Take?

    It definitely will not take 3 months. 4 to 6 weeks is normal with doing nothing. There are many ways to speed up the process. Add ammonia to speed up bacteria growth. I personally always add and use bacteria supplements like seachem stability. Could easily speed up the process to a week or 2
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    What Fish Would You Recommend?

    What size is the tank? Personally I never suggest dwarf gouramis. I have had many. All but one have died after a few months. Dwarf gouramis are very inbred and some ridiculous percentage won't survive past like a year. There are some other great gouramis to choose from tho. So maybe check out...
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    Ob Peacock Fry Advice

    Do you have a picture of the "best" male from either of the first broods?
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    There’s Babies In My Tank?!

    Molly's are live bearers so they give birth to live fry
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    New Fiddler Tank

    Very cool! I've been meaning to do a fiddler crab tank soon! Love the scaping. What did you use to keep the dry side elevated?
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    Stocking 25 Gallon

    12 is way to many corries for a 25! The tanks footprint can not keep them all happy. They are schooling. Which is why I'd suggest no less than 4. 8 might be possible, but even then that would not be much room for them
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    Purple Community Fish?

    They don't require that large of tanks. Potentially depending on which one you're speaking of a 40 would be good for a handful. Now the haps that are purple wouldn't be able to fit in there. And never seen a purple peacock. But either way definitely not a community fish.
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    Lone Peacock Cichlid

    Yeah I sent that before reading the thread. Sorry. Definitely need a bigger tank. But they are cool if you can properly house them

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