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    mystery (smell) tank

    Another bump? can someone please give me a little cleaning advice? I've tried bleach, vinegar, soap, and rubbing alcohol. I could try running through those again, but I was hoping someone had another option for me. The stuff is tacky and I'm pretty sure its some kind of mammal waste product. Thanks!
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    mystery (smell) tank

    just giving this a little bump. Does anyone have any cleaning product suggestions for getting tacky biological material off of glass and plastic? Appreciate the help!
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    mystery (smell) tank

    Its inside and out, all sides, and the bottom. I can't explain how gross this thing was. Again, I will be rinsing this thing every day for at least two weeks after I clean off all the yuck. edit: I can explain how gross it is. Look at the first picture. You see that black in the bottom? Its...
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    mystery (smell) tank

    While the tank is looking much better (and I mean so much better), there is still things on it, things of unknown origin. I've washed with water mixed rubbing alcohol, water mixed with vinegar and dawn dish soap, and water mixed with bleach. The stuff that is left is .... sticky. Tacky almost...
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    Update: Betta's Tail Rot

    I agree with adam. they shouldn't do any damage, and it might help. Its one of the few products I think I can say that about.
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    mystery (smell) tank

    Given that I've decided to start a selective breeding program for my Endles, I think that is what I will use my tank for. Find a stand to accommodate my newly cleaned 20 and my newly fixed 10. And both of those will get multiple dividers.
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    mystery (smell) tank

    I'm soaping everything. I mean EVERYTHING. This thing was so gross, full of feces and god knows what. I will be so thorough with the rinsing. Don't you worry. edit: the retro heater is a no-go. I soaked it and go ready to clean it and I ended up pouring a bunch of water out of the main heating...
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    mystery (smell) tank

    alright. Gotten most of the dirt off (I think) and I've washed first with water and rubbing alcohol, and now I'm doing a second wash with water, vinegar, and soap. I just had a question to those who have washed a lot of tanks: there are some bubbles in the caulking, and the bubbles are rust...
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    Help me pick a betta

    I like number two because it made me go "oOoOoOoOH!!" Other than that, I"m at a loss. They're all beautiful and when it comes to bettas I'm no good at picking out breeding characteristics.
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    Tank Therapy

    Thanks y'all... it really helps, just coming in here and venting, knowing you all have my back emotionally. In the category of de-stressing, does any one else recharge their mental batteries by being alone? This is something about me that my mother can't understand. I backed out of a family...
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    I need to vent real quick.

    I had a minI confrontation in a Meijer's today. I'm starting to be known. The manager was not too thrilled to see me again. I tend to have confrontations (conversations) in all the supermarkets I go to. And yes, I got the "new shipment" excuse too.
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    Rock, I just went to all your threads and while I'm sorry you're feeling ignored and frustrated I can't see why. It appears that members answered your questions to the best of their ability given the information you provided. I don't mean to sound rude, but if you want more in-depth help, then...
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    Help! I have a fish in a cup

    I'm looking at that second picture, it looks almost like he has Dropsy?
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    5 Gallon Tank Daughter got a baby betta.

    also given that bettas breath from the air, a lid would be a good choice. They do best when they are breathing moist, humid air. Very nice tank, very lucky girl
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    Help! I have a fish in a cup

    its hard to tell with the bend of the cup, but I'm going to say go with your gut. When did you get him? Why are you only acclimating him this morning? I assume you had him in a quarantine?
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