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    Help With Stocking!

    Anyone else have ideas out there?
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    Help With Stocking!

    We would absolutely love to get a 125 or 150, but unfortunately we can’t quite yet. That’s something we’ll have to save up for. The thing I’m torn on with the livebearers is that we have baby fry and another swordtail is heavily pregnant. It also looks like one that we though was female is...
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    New Fish Mama

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are new to the aquarium hobby as of this summer. We had a 10 gallon sitting around forever and then a 55 gallon with a pleco given to us in July. We’ve learned a lot since then, but are looking forward to getting some positive support from you all after the...
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    Help With Stocking!

    Hello everyone! This past summer, my husband and I joined the aquarium hobby. We had a 55 gallon tank given to us along with a pleco. Now, we had a lot of ups and downs and turnarounds as we learned about aquarium life. So at the time, no, we didn’t fully know about cycling or proper...
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