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    Accidentally bought 2 male honey gouramis instead of one. Will they be fine

    Well, that was unexpected....2 of the 3 Pale white gouramis with a stripe in the middle got darker and now resemble a wild honey gourami with a darker bottom half. Sorry for the poor picture quality, so far, the males have interacted with each other and seem docile...for now.
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    Shop never informed me about cycle

    Fast growing Aquarium plants may help absorb excess ammonia, so I recommend getting some, especially floating plants.
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    Accidentally bought 2 male honey gouramis instead of one. Will they be fine

    I bought 1 male red honey gourami, and what I assumed to be 3 females because of the pale colors and stripes. I only realized a day later that one of the "females" was actually a male, by the dorsal fin, which was spiky like that of a male. I lost the receipt like an idiot, so, will they be...
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    How to save plants when there is a week long power outtage?

    Probably dumb advice, but what about a flashlight?
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    Is it worth breeding sparkling or honey gouramis?

    Every since every single fish in my tank died, I want to start fresh and go with either sparkling or honey gouramis. I heard that you need several females for every male, which will lead to inevitable breeding. Is it worth breeding them? Will I be able to give them away to a local fish store if...
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    Assassin Snail Question

    Assassin snails will also target your nerite snails if they get the opportunity.
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    Betta Sorority Tank Plans

    I heard this a while ago on an aquarium forum, I don't think if this is true. I also heard that female bettas are less aggressive towards siblings. I don't know if any of this is true.
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    Dead betta from dropsy. Do I need to disinfect the tank?

    Ammonia / Nitrite / Nitrates: 0ppm PH: N/A Heavy planting. Nearly perfectly sustaining ecosystem. My last inhabitant of my 20 gallon planted aquarium, a single female betta has SOMEHOW contracted dropsy and died a few days later. Now if I want to add more fish, do I need to do something in the...
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    Diseased tank, fish removed a week ago. What do I do?

    My aquarium has had a bacterial disease, killing all but one fish, who is in her quarantine bucket. When and how can I put the fish back into my aquarium and make sure that she doesn't just become sick again?
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    Betta sorority tank hit with lethal and mysterious disease

    The betta I did manage to observe die was at the surface breathing for air, later was at the bottom of the bucket and doing barrel rolls before dying. The other bettas seemed uninterested. It's very unlikely that 7 out of 10 die in only a few days from aggression alone. I also recently...
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    Betta sorority tank hit with lethal and mysterious disease

    Hi, I have a Walstad planted tank with (formerly) 10 bettas and 3 otos. When I had 7, I added 3 more bettas from Petco into the tank and came back three days later to see dead bettas all over the floor. I immediately took the survivors to an emergency quarantine 5 gallon bucket, where 1 more...
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    Betta Sorority Tank Plans

    I'm also a new betta sorority owner, however I have a few tips. 1.) Try to make sure that the bettas are the same or similar colors, you don't have to do this, but it's scientifically proven to reduce aggresion 2.) Avoid putting in larger bettas in with regular sized bettas. I used to have...
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    Difficulty in feeding Otos with a 7 betta sorority

    I honestly never thought about that. Thanks!
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