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    "Dusty" water? Should I be worried?

    Hey everyone! I was hoping someone would have any idea what's up with my tank. It looks like a bunch of dust swirling around in the water. I noticed it a good few weeks ago, and it's there all the time, maybe a bit worse after a water change. I do water changes regularly(though maybe not as...
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    Odd guppy behavior?

    Thanks for the info! I'll add a few females to the bunch. I haven't noticed any fighting, but if it'll make them happier then. Any suggestions on what to do with all the fry? I know most of them will get eaten, but I'm sure I'll still be drowning in teeny little mollies pretty quickly.
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    Odd guppy behavior?

    Hi everyone! I've got 5 Guppies and 4 Mollys, all males, in a 36 gallon tank. (Going to get more, but can't right now. Hooray for shutdowns!) I've only been keeping fish for about three months now, so I'm still figuring out a lot of stuff! One of my guppies acts differently to what I'd...
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