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    Can Otocinclus Live With Siamese Algae Eaters?

    A true SAE is not aggressive and will do just fine with otos. I have 1 of the former and 5 of the latter in a 55 gal.
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    Siamese Algae Eaters

    I've had a single SAE for almost 3 years now and it is 4". I've never had black beard algae but I did have green and he ate it. I have read that they do school but my single seems to be doing just fine in a 55 gallon. He tends to "school" with the gold barbs.
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    I will be gone for a week

    Well, you are very knowledgeable and well spoken - I thought you were a lot older than 14 myself, but nowhere near 60! 60 is even older than me!
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    Overstocking or Understocking fish

    Be careful with the names at the LFS - the stores around me mislabel fish all the time. Pictures or descriptions would be helpful.
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    How Many Fish Do You Have?

    Are you planning to up the cory number? They like a school of 6+.
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    What is this?

    Congratulations on your blooming plant! Not everyone has blooms in their tanks.
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    Overstocking or Understocking fish

    Gold Barbs (my avatar) will work. They are a schooling fish and add colour to the tank.
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    Hello, I'm back and setting up a new five gallon!

    If you haven't yet started with cycling, you can fill the new filter with seeded media from your 20gal and right away add your betta and shrimp at the same time. The seeded media gives you an instant cycle. You can't leave the seeded media in an empty tank for more than about 6 hours or the BB...
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    How do I know when my tank is fully cycled?

    FYI - just to clarify you are not fully cycled until both ammonia and nitrites are 0, and nitrates are around 10. How many fish are in the tank now?
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    Starting a 70g Planted Community!!!

    What stock do you have in this 70gal right now? And does the tank measure 48x12x28h?
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    55 Gallon Redo

    I would check for them really early in the morning way before the lights come on.
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    40g Breeder tank build and progress!

    Yes, it is puzzling.
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    40g Breeder tank build and progress!

    As our tanks mature the nitrate test is the most important one IMO. I now buy the individual nitrate test as this test in my master kit ran out. I still have the master kit for the rest of the tests.
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    Insanely high ammonia levels, unsure why?

    The test kits are not as accurate as really expensive equipment, but the liquid kits are better than strips and give us a general idea of what is in the tank.
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    55 Gallon Redo

    When I was trying to get rid of my snails that came in on the plants, I would check just above the water line in the morning, squish them and drop them in the tank - my fish went crazy for them and ate every one I dropped.

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