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Jul 24, 1993 (Age: 25)


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    Jul 24, 1993 (Age: 25)
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    List any water conditioners and test kits used::
    seachem prime, api stress coat, tetra safe start +
    Just started
    Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?:
    Aquarium Size:
    10 gallon
    Aquarium Type:
    Freshwater Planted Tank
    Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.:
    katsuki the mustard gas veiltail betta girl (import, purchased from breeder in the states), 2 kuhli loaches (intend to get more, lost some due to bacterial infection, as well as my first betta girl- tank was completely reset and treated)
    Aquarium Start Date:
    tank was officially stocked 04/14/17, restarted sometime 06/17
    Aquarium Filter Type:
    XY-2008 corner filter
    Aquarium #2 Size:
    3 gallon
    Tank #2 Type:
    Freshwater Fish Only
    Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.:
    yagi the orange/black crowntail betta boy (from grocery store because i loved him)
    Tank #2 Start Date:
    Tank #2 Temperature:
    Tank #2 Lighting:
    Tank #2 Filter Type:
    tetra whisper power filter
    Aquarium #3 Size:
    5.5 gallon
    Tank #3 Type:
    Freshwater Fish Only
    Tank #3 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.:
    kaminari the baby yellow koi plakat betta girl (from petco, labeled as a koi- black and yellow, but will surely change colors)
    Tank #3 Start Date:
    Tank #3 Temperature:
    Tank #3 Filter Type:
    aquaclear hob 20
    hey everyone! i'm leo and for the first time in over 10+ years i started up a tank. i love having fish again, even though it is quite stressful at times!!!

    i used to have a betta girl named te fiti but she was from horrible conditions (a LFS believe it or not) and despite intensive care i made the humane decision to euthanize her. i now have a beautiful import girl named katsuki who my s/o purchased for me from a US breeder :) i also have 2 kuhli loaches but i intend to get more.

    on my birthday i impulsively got a crowntail betta boy named yagi from meijer, and on august 1 my s/o got me a little baby plakat girl from petco... so now i have 3 tanks! multiple tank syndrome and betta fever really got me!!

    a little about me... i go by they/them pronouns and i do taxidermy stuff (pelt tanning) for a living currently. i love animals more than anything! i have 2 cats (natasha and pepper), 1 rabbit (solara), 3 chickens (cypress, grace, lotus), 1 dog (kiba), and 1 centipede (mukade)!