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  1. Plant on Coco fiber

    Yeah, I was just wondering about the plantlets, will they eventually drop off like the fern, or is there something I should be doing about them?
  2. Plant on Coco fiber

    Hey all, I've got a plant in an aquarium that I purchased already set up, and one of the plants in it is sprouting from the tips of its leaves. If anyone could identify the plant and also let me know if there's anything I should do for the sprouts that would be very helpful. (sorry for the fuzzy...
  3. Angels with tetras or mollies?

    I was thinking of getting about 6 baby angels, the LFS I go to has them smaller than the cardinals length-wise. Also more plants and cardinals, since they're the smallest right now and are just hanging toward the bottom of the tank. Has anyone else seen their cardinals eating sinking tablets...
  4. Angels with tetras or mollies?

    Hi all, I've got a question about stocking angelfish. Right now I've got a 54 gallon corner tank with 6 each of silvertip, black phantom, and cardinal tetras, and 5 salt and pepper corys. I've also got a 36 with 4 mollies that I recently purchased. My question is, I was thinking of getting a...

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