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    Help Snail ID

    Heres a better pic of the snail. Its was moving much slower than it was previously
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    Plant ID

    The plant has grown longer with the same tiny leaves and very thin stem...
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    Lighting Schedule

    I usually on my lights when my stem plants ‘open’ their leaves in the morning and off the lights when they start to close, which is about 10 hours of light
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    New plants with curvy stems

    If its ludwigia repens they will start growing straight up. The second one doesnt look like rotala rotundifolia to me but not really sure. My rotala rotundifolia is now bald from converting emersed to submersed
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    Plants not growing

    After trimming my stem plants usually stop growing for about 3 days and after that they start growing tiny shoots from the highest node(is that what u call it??) and the growth will be back to normal
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    Help Snail ID

    Does not look like the pest snails i usually get
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    Help Snail ID

    I was sitting in front of my aquarium watching the fish eat and suddenly a small white snail appeared out of no where. Its shell kind of resembles that of nerite or a mystery snail and its shell is translucent with a black ring. The body is white and it glides pretty quickly like a bladder...
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    Help Java fern not growing big

    It grows fast but it stops growing after a certain height
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    Question Add substrate on top of Rocks or Gravel?

    1) yes. Put the sand first then whatever u want on top of it. I think rocks are a little more expensive 2) i dont think it will 3)if the gravel stays in the water and you the bacteria will survive but it might take time for the bacteria to spread
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    Help Java fern not growing big

    I got a bunch of java ferns 5 months ago and the were healthy and producing babies but i realised after some time they stopped growing. The largest leaf is about 15cm long and 4-ish cm wide but the online sources i read from say that they can grow up to 35cm big and i have seen many tanks with...
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    Plant ID

    The only thing with that plant is a mosquito fish
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    Plants for very low light?

    Limnophila sessiliflora, hornwort and hygrophila difformis are great for low lighting including the ones missnoodle mentioned
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    10 gallon Aquascape Ideas?

    Go check out iwagumi aquascapes, might give u some inspiration
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    Plant ID

    Yes, the squiggly one in the middle and not the hydrilla(mixed with some malnurished anarcharis) Hope this helps, i snapped in half while trying to untangle it from the hydrilla

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