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  1. How to reseal a tank?

    I recently picked up a tank that has several cracks in it, and I plan to reseal it using silicone. The sealing part is common sense...apply silicone, let it cure, test for leaks. However, I've never done this before, and I wanna get it right, so if you have any tips or instructions on resealing...
  2. Legos in an Aquarium?

    I made a Lego hideaway for my smaller tank once. It grows a slime and starts to become dull in color over time, but with regular washes it should be fine.
  3. Question What's currently in YOUR filter?

    What media do you currently have in your filter? Just thought I'd ask to see what's popular right now. ;D
  4. DIY Moon Lights

    Start off w/ parts list and cost, and maybe a source of inspiration too. Then use step-by-step instructions and pics to clarify confusing steps, and to show progress as well. And then, finally, a shot of the finished project any maybe a vid too.
  5. Anyone ever hear of Jebo heaters?

    Yeah, I heard they just started making heaters. I'm still unsure which to buy...I can get a 300w Jebo for $20, or a 50w Marineland for $25. I think the Jebo's a gamble though.
  6. Anyone ever hear of Jebo heaters?

    Yeah, I heard praises and praises for Ebo-Jager heaters...too bad that just happened to be the one I broke.
  7. Should I stop carbon?

    I load up my filter with some AC after every 100% tank cleaning, or when I add something new to the tank (river rocks, gravel, etc). The AC should clear up any unwanted substances in the water. Other than that, I don't use it.
  8. Anyone ever hear of Jebo heaters?

    I just broke my heater (second time now)...and I need to get a new one, though I really can't afford to shell out that much. There's a store I know of that sells cheap Jebo heaters...has anyone ever heard anything about this brand? Anyone have any cheap but reliable heaters to recommend...
  9. Question Would this kill my powerhead?

    Thanks for the replies . It doesn't have a flow adjustment control, which is why I need to slow down the output (way too powerful).
  10. Question Would this kill my powerhead?

    If I restrict the water flow from the output end of a powerhead, would that really reduce the life of the unit? What if I restrict flow from the intake?
  11. My first DIY canister filter

    Not bad at all. I just happened to finish making my first DIY canister filter as well. I can sympathize with you about the trial and error involved in making the filter...testing for leaks, going out for parts, the disappointment and frustration- I've had a healthy handful of all of it. But...
  12. Question What's the biggest DIY canister I can get?

    Haha not bad, I like the idea of yard bins. Hmm...
  13. Question What's the biggest DIY canister I can get?

    I'm planning on building a DIY canister filter soon- just running some ideas right now. I'd like to know your opinion on what I can use as the canister itself. It has to be easily obtained and simple to work with, and airtight as well. The bigger the better.
  14. Question Some filter personal preference Q's

    Haha thanks, I'm planning to make a DIY filter for my 10 gallon.
  15. Question Some filter personal preference Q's

    Haha thanks. I think I'm gonna load it with as much biological filtration as possible, and put some mechanical layers every few inches or so.

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