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  1. Possible Problem Fish

    Thanks for your reply! I checked, and it is an endler. I did some brief research, and most sources seem to agree that they are peaceful fish; however, I just glanced over to see the endler "t-bone" another of my platys. I dont know if hes actually taking bites off of the other fish, but they...
  2. Possible Problem Fish

    Hi Everyone, I have just placed some platys in my new Walstad tank, and I also added a bright little fish that I admittedly impulse-bought at the fish store. The guy at the store assured me that it would get along fine with my platys. I think its a little guppy, but I'm honestly not positive...
  3. "Heavily Planted"

    Thanks for the insight! Your tank is very pretty!
  4. "Heavily Planted"

    Hi Everyone, I've just started a low-tech, 10 gallon Walstad tank, and it seems to be off to a good start. My question is how many plants constitute a "heavily planted" tank? I've got probably 20 or so stems in there, but I've read that you should only be able to see like 20% of your substrate if the...
  5. Moving To A New Tank

  6. Moving To A New Tank

    Hi everyone, I have a 5-gallon tank with one betta, which has a serious problem with algae. I believe this is because of the location of the tank. I would like to move the fish, water, filter, gravel, and plants to another 5 gallon that I have in a new location; this new 5-gallon tank is...
  7. Urgent Query; Powder Blue Gourami In Blackwater Tank!!

    Thank you for your suggestion
  8. Urgent Query; Powder Blue Gourami In Blackwater Tank!!

    Update: He is shaped like a letter "C," and can't really swim. He is really trying to, but he gives up and sinks. It's very distressing to watch.
  9. Urgent Query; Powder Blue Gourami In Blackwater Tank!!

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10 gallons How long has the tank been running? not sure, at least 6 months Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 78 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 1 powder...
  10. Pothos, Dwarf Lettuce, And A Gourami

    Hello everyone! My 10 gallon blackwater tank seems to be thriving, and I just had two questions about my plants in there: 1) My pothos plant has *really* taken off (anyone ever play Resident Evil?), and the roots are nice and bushy, and extend almost into the substrate at this point. My question...
  11. Stuck Behind Filter, But Acting Normal Now

    I mean, its amazing! He's acting like nothing even ever happened. Just back to normal!
  12. Stuck Behind Filter, But Acting Normal Now

    Hi Fishlore! My blue dwarf gourami disappeared from sight two days ago, and I tried not to panic. This evening, I checked the floor all around the tank (though it is unlikely that he jumped out as the water is pretty low from the top of the tank), and even physically moved the tank stand back...
  13. 10 Gallon Blackwater Stocking Suggestions

    Ok, here is another update for you: I have removed the BA tetras from the blackwater, acclimated them to my 36 gallon tank, and added them. They seem happier, they swim around quite a bit and are nice and colorful. I also purchased a blue dwarf gourami, acclimated him, and added him to the...
  14. 10 Gallon Blackwater Stocking Suggestions

    Oh, that'd be ok, as long as everyone is happy. Yes, the BA tetra is larger, which is why I want to move them out of the 10 gallon. I feel like they would do better in the 36 gallon since they will be able to dart around.
  15. 10 Gallon Blackwater Stocking Suggestions

    My algae eaters are in my 36 gallon tank, and I was not planning on moving them to my 10 gallon. Also, its funny you bring up frozen food; that's all the BA tetras currently in the 10 gallon will eat. They swam right by flake food. My algae eaters seem pretty good in their current home; my...

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