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    Why Do My Crayfish Keep Dying

    crays also need added iodine when they molt. they are known to die of iodine deficiencies. I just add a dose after my first water change after a molt. it doesnt need to be added constantly as it is possible to overdose.
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    Stumped On What's Wrong With My Angelfish

    Following. I am having a similar issue with one of my Platyfish right now, although I was able to pinpoint a physical injury as the cause of her issues. sorry I can't be of more help. my fish has not had more than a bite or two of food that I've noticed in the past 2 weeks either, or a bowel...
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    Question Least Generic Name You've Given A Fish?

    my 2 nerite snails are ladybug (red with black spots) and bumblebee(black and yellow striped). I also now have 6 cory cats named Tom, Felix, Heathcliff, Garfield, Pete, and Sylvester. I've decided to dub my Ramshorns collectively as Gary. I also acquired some bladder snails in my last plant...
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    Baby Mystery Snail Colors

    what are the most sellable colors?
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    Help Id My Plants, And Other Misc. Questions

    it might still be accessible, but it's not *easily* accessible. the only time I ever had an ammonia test come out to 0 was when I skipped my water change for like 3 weeks. you don't even wanna know what my nitrates were tho I personally don't feel the extra prime is necessary, I was just...
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    29gal Fishless Cycle

    your ph might be too low. at low ph levels, ammonia changes to ammonium which is inaccessible to BB. I don't know how to remedy that; I have the opposite problem
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    Help Id My Plants, And Other Misc. Questions

    My water also tests positive for ammonia out of the tap at about the same level, maybe a little less. the thing to remember about the ammonia test is that it will test positive for both ammonia and ammoniUM. Ammonium is not harmful, and in fact when you dose prime to a tank containing a low...
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    Stocking Options For Community Tank - Feeling Overwhelmed

    I saw some really pretty dumbo-eared guppies at my lfs the other day... my never pictured myself a guppy lover, but man were they gorgeous. the guy at my lfs also said i might be able to get cherry or gold barbs, or all male neon barbs? my independent research also has led me to zebra danio or...
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    First Ever Fishless Cycle

    oh yea, i shake those things like crazy... but I was doing some research elsewhere and apparently the nitrate results can be thrown off if ammonia is too high. I did do a water change just now... 70% whew! somebody remind me why I wanted a tank over 100 gal?.... anyway ammonia is at 2ppm now. I...
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    Stocking Options For Community Tank - Feeling Overwhelmed

    Missed this part of your post earlier. love the gouramis.... but mightn't they eat the shrimp?
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    Stocking Options For Community Tank - Feeling Overwhelmed

    I am really really wary of getting any more livebearers. I do not want baby fish, and I have heard so many horror stories about them being incorrectly sexed, and people ending up with babies anyway. Honestly, I didn't even want the platies I have... it was one of those, "Oh school is closing...
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    Stocking Options For Community Tank - Feeling Overwhelmed

    I have a 30 gallon tank that is about to be vacated, once my 125 finishes cycling. I currently have four platies in a 20 gallon that I want to move to the 30 gallon and build a community around. all my platies are female, and have never been exposed to males since reaching maturity (i have had them since they...
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    Ahhh! Help! I Had Baby Yellow Labs ... Now What?!?

    not a helpful comment at all, but when i first saw your title, i thought you were talking about puppies, and wondered if you'd wandered into the wrong forum.
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    First Ever Fishless Cycle

    I was following the advice of another forum member who wrote a thread on doing a fast fishless cycle (link is a couple posts up). In that thread, it said to dose ammonia to 12PPM
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    First Ever Fishless Cycle

    UPDATE: so the day after my last post, (Saturday), I tested parameters, and my ammonia had actually gone *up* to 2PPM (obviously due to the decomposing fish food) so I figured I'd go for broke and go ahead and dose the pure ammonia. I'm worried that I may have overdosed though, since I didn't...

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