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    29 Gallon Tank Hi Everybody! Newbie from Texas here :)

    hi and welcome, we pass through Chappell Hill on the way to the Blue Bell factory :) sounds like you're doing it correctly. if you don't start seeing nitrite or nitrate next week, you can skip a water change and dose Prime. Prime will detox ammonia for up to 48hrs. so it would be water change...
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    I need to have aquarium drilled…..need advice

    have you thought about diy pvc overflow system w/o drilling?
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    Help there is something wrong with my goldfish

    please fill out the emergency template so we can get more info. we definitely need water parameters, tank size, how long you had him, how long has he been floating, what food you feed him, etc. he also looks like he has either fin rot or the fins got shredded by the filter. has he been getting...
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    Seachem Prime And Nitrate

    what size tank and what is your stocking? did you test your tap water? some people have nitrate in their tap/well water.
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    Nitrate160ppm for red cherry

    did you try rinsing out your filter media in old tank water when you do water changes? looks pretty brown in there.
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    Ryukin in distress please help!

    if you don't have Prime, add some aquarium salt. that nitrite is causing methemoglobemia which blocks the transport of oxygen inside the fish's body, they're not getting enough oxygen. you'll also need to do more frequent water changes (like every other day) until the nitrite goes down to 0.
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    Question about rehoming goldfish

    yes, they're going to need atleast 20 gallons per goldfish. unless you're willing to do two large water changes every week. or you could rehome 2 and keep 2.
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    Identify a weird critter in the tank

    have you added any new plants recently?
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    Slow goldfish/infection?

    is the belly evenly bloated or is it more to one side? was she floating to one side? or was the tail floating up? try the erythomycin, seems to be some internal infection causing the bloating and blood spots.
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    How do sponge filters work??

    the air pump pushes air down into the sponge. as the air bubbles leave the sponge and rises up towards the surface, they create a vacuum in the middle of the sponge, drawing in water from the sides of the sponge.
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    Moon and Stars photos

    The Harvest Moon, nice.
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    Moon and Stars photos

    Moon and Venus conjunction | EarthSky
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    Where to Rehome my butterfly koi "LEMON"

    Ohio Fish Rescue, Tracy loves butterfly koi's. they have a giant koi pond in their backyard.
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    Seachem in tank PH Alert

    match the middle. looks like 6.6 ?
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    Question about multiple filters for 55 gallon tank

    doesn't hurt to have extra filters. i have a pair of Tidal 110s and a 400gph 29g sump on my 75g tank.
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