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  1. Moving 2 Blocks, Need Advice For Moving My Fish

    Cool, glad to hear my plan sounds like it will work and that I possibly even have a bit of leeway in it. This will make it easier.
  2. Moving 2 Blocks, Need Advice For Moving My Fish

    Hey all, I'm moving, and its a very short distance, literally 2 blocks. I'm trying to figure the best way to move my 55 gallon. The current stock that needs moved are 3 dwarf Rainbows, 8 Cardinal Tetras, 10 Kuhli Loaches, and a bristlenose Pleco. The plan I have currently is this: Put all...
  3. Need Advice For Habitually Sick Fish

    No, they're not full grown yet. They're maybe half their adult length.
  4. Need Advice For Habitually Sick Fish

    Their temperature and pH are near identical and I've got sub 20 nitrates as I've been very on top of water changes. I suppose it *could* be bigger more aggressive fish, like my Angelfish, but I have never seen him bothering them. He mostly harasses the snails and leaves other fish alone.
  5. Need Advice For Habitually Sick Fish

    I have a school of dwarf neon rainbows in my tank. They appeared to have ick, but no other fish appeared to be getting it. So I moved them to quarantine and treated both tanks for ick. When both tanks had gone for 2 weeks with no signs of illness, I moved the rainbows (who looked very...
  6. New Filter, How Do I Transfer My Cycle

    Maybe I got a bad one. The pump on mine is very audible from across the room
  7. New Filter, How Do I Transfer My Cycle

    I've not completely decided yet, but I'm thinking I'll get one of the SunSun filters. The other option would be a Magniflow or a Penplax Cascade. Well, I've been using it for 2 months and it's louder than when I bought it.
  8. New Filter, How Do I Transfer My Cycle

    The entire purpose of getting the canister is that I do not like the noise made by the HoB, so I will not be keeping both. I'll position the spray bar so that it provides some surface agitation. It is modified, but the new media has only been in it for around a week. I've mainly been relying...
  9. New Filter, How Do I Transfer My Cycle

    I'm currently using a Penguin 350 filter, but I find the noise to be annoying. So I'm thinking of switching over to a canister filter. What is the best way to transfer my cycle?
  10. Ick Or Something Else? Spot Seems Too Large.

    I'll try again when I get home but the fish are being incredibly uncooperative in the picture situation. It is definitely bigger than the typical salt grain sized ich. It is extending up beyond the top of the fish's head.
  11. Ick Or Something Else? Spot Seems Too Large.

    So I did take like 50 and this was the best one. The rainbow simply wouldn't be still. The rainbow in question is the second lowest on the right hand side (the clearest rainbow in the picture). The white lump above it's eye is what I'm asking about. It is much large than a grain of salt and...
  12. Ick Or Something Else? Spot Seems Too Large.

    Is this ick on my rainbow or something else? It seems like much too large of a spot to be ick. There are more ick like spots on the fins of the rainbows, but this seems too large to be ick? I need to decide if I should treat for ick or for a fungus. I already tried a parasite treatment because...
  13. Using Tetra Safestart Plus And Having An Issue.

    This isn't correct. TSS is just an older formulation and TSS+ a newer formulation that is supposed to work better. Both can be used either as a maintenance product or to start new tanks and both include instructions for how to use the product for each application. But, ya OP, the white...
  14. Moving On Up (maybe)

    So Dr. Tim's Ammonium Choloride will not give you an instant cycle. It is a completely different type of product from Bio-Spira and is *not* compatible with a fish-in cycle. What it does is provide a source of ammonia for a fishless cycle instead of having to put food/shrimp/etc in your tank...
  15. Dwarf Neon Rainbow Lethargic, Breathing Fast

    And from what I'm reading the API medication is an antibiotic parasitic and an antibiotic bacterial, so its sort of 2 birds 1 stone. And ya, there is no ammonia, no nitrite, no chlorine, low nitrate, so I don't think it's a general water quality issue

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