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    Question How do you know if fish is dying from an old age?

    This is a good question but one without a good answer. Very little is published about lifespans in most tropicals. My only data would be my upside down catfish which was very small when i got him. He died 14 years later and had a bad case of cataracts on both eyes. I assumed he passed from age...
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    Help deciding which tank to upgrade to

    ALWAYS go for the biggest tank with the most surface area you can afford. I went the upgrade route from a 55 to a 90 to finally a 150 which i should have started with.
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    Help Canister not returning water

    I've always found if i run the output into a bucket on the floor until all the air is purged, stop it and put the hose back in the tank it works much smoother.
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    How to glue plants on driftwood/rocks?

    Do they have to be glued? I would think the glue is harmful to the plants. I thought plants were tied to the driftwood with fishing line.
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    Water flow and water line.

    Don't most tanks have a decorative ring around the top edge so you don't see the water line? Mine has room for a 1/4 inch leveling error.
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    Ugly tank

    I think your tank needs more vertical interest. Use tall driftwood to add interest and hide filter intakes and heaters.
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    Orchid Fertiliser For Planted Tanks With Fish

    This kind of makes sense. Maybe repeat using Florish or a fert. designed for aquariums and see if you get better results.
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    Cardinal tetra lifespan

    I can't remember exactly but i've had cardinals for well over 5 years and they grew much larger than ones i've see in stores.
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    Question What should I add?

    Most barbs tend to be fin nippers.
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    So confused

    Very strange. When you say the waters ok whats the ph, ammo, nitrite, and nitrate? Water temp? Are you using chlorine remover for water changes? I'm assuming tanks are cycled.
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    Question What should I add?

    Tank looks good. I would go with a school of Cardinal Tetras rather then Neons, their more colorful and get a little larger. Also suggest moving heater behind driftwood to hide it. I would also suggest some inreresting fish like a loach [coolies, botia stratia or really any loach] Cory cats are...
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    Hatchetfish With Ich

    A 10 gallon is kind of small for hatchets. Their notorious for having ich when the store gets them. A betta would be a better choise for a 10 gallon tank. Edit to say 10 days to two weeks is usually good to insure ich is gone.
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    29 Gallon Tank Bottom Dweller With Khulis

    Some cory cats, maybe another different loach [many different kinds, some with lots of character].
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    Can I Keep Cardinal Tetra In A Open Top Aquarium?

    I've never had a cardinal jump out of a tank on me their not really surface type fish, i think your ok.
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    120 Discus Build

    Thanks. Its a shame they don't sell. Seems younger kids are more into social media more than traditional hobbies anymore. The shop in Lindenhurst is South Shore Tropicals. Been around for years although they moved a few times. John [the owner] used be a partner in Charlies Aquarium which was...

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