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    55 Gallon Tank Pictures from start to finish

    Tank looks awesome, can't wait too setup my 55gal again....
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    Another fish story

    I have a couple aquascape questions first of all is it safe too add plants while my tank is cycling I believe it is actually beneficial? I also was looking into new lights as mine are cheap and came with the hood on the 55 gal I got from petsmart I would appreciate it if you guys could send me a...
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    Another fish story

    Day twelve everything is going smoothly not much has changed since my last post I can tell my goldfish is feeling more comfortable in the tank and shows no signs of stress at all. The only slight change is my ammonia levels which have rised to about 1.0 which is expected in a cycling tank still...
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    Another fish story

    Okay so it has been about five or so days now since I set up my tank and things seem to be going as planned I still have yet to add any plants which should change by the end of the week I tested the water in the tank today and here were the readings pH-7.5 AMMONIA-.50 NITRITE-0 NITRATE-0 I think...
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    What kind of Pleco is this?

    This looks similar too a snowflake pleco its hard for me to tell from those pics try searching it on google s
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    New Camera!!! So Excited!!!

    Nice photos I am looking for a new camera my I know what you mean by by looking at all the reviews their are a whole lot of them to choose from hopefully I can get one that compares to this quality for a more affordable price they aren't cheap.
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    Another fish story

    Hey thanks its good to be back I don't think I will be keeping the goldfish too long in my 55 gallon and my only other tank is a 10 gallon which I don't find suitable for goldfish I may have a decent size tank on the way that I could keep the goldfish in if not I will be bringing the goldfish to...
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    Another fish story

    Heys guys and girls I have been away from the forum and the hobby for a while now but after many months of looking at a dry 55 gallon tank I couldn't help but give in. The tank used too be the home of my albino oscar which I unfortunately had to uthenize after an ongoing battle with hith. Anyway...
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    29 Gallon Tank Giving up my yellow algae eater

    That's some good info on the ottos agabr thanks ill keep that in mind they are one of the most common fish I see floating in tanks at stores.
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    The worst thing you've heard from someone working at a fish store

    a man purchased four oscars at petsmart as he was telling the guy about how hes got a 30 gal at home ?
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    Betta Died - Very Sad Day

    RIP bud
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    fish food life

    I buy fish food in small quantities so it doesn't expire also it gives me an excuse to go the fish store
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    Is this tank overstocked?

    Id say that the cories are tipping the scale keep them and just look for some smaller cories and perhaps just get a pair
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    hole in the head

    My oscar has hith I was wondering if this disease would make him suffer and would it be better to just uthenize him
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    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone !
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