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    Why isn’t my ammonia dropping?

    This problem has plagued me for months now I did a tank swap back in March to upgrade to a 20 gallon after running it for a week it’s now June and I still have ammonia and 0 nitrates of nitrites I tried doing the 50% water change and it didint work. I tried doing seachem prime to detoxify and...
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    Possible sick fish?

    Okay so here is my emergency starting with my prompt TANK What is the water volume of the tank? I own a 20 gallon long How long has the tank been running? Up to 2 weeks after I transferred everything from my old 10 gallon except the gravel Does it have a filter? Yes a Aqeon quiet flow up to 20...
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    Possible sick fish?

    I’ve been having issues with my fish ever since I transferred tanks they’re still getting used to it and I unfortunately lost 2 of my 5 black skirts in the process. But yesterday I picked up 2 new ones so that maybe the tank would be less stressed and it’s working the problem is the red one I...
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    Do fish sleep at the surface of the tank?

    And what if I don’t have biofilm?
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    Possible ammonia? Can’t tell

    I tested yesterday and was a hard to tell yellow now I can’t tell what this is today after adding my two new fish
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    Do fish sleep at the surface of the tank?

    I just added 2 new tetras today and I noticed that at night that my red glo tetra is swimming at the surface and appears to be sleeping like that or maybe not it’s going around the whole tank like that I checked my water and the quality is good what could this mean?
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    Black skirt tetra glofish fixated on corner

    They are they don’t come to the top cause they seem to be afraid of it or not adjusted to the taller height but they wait for their food to drop down and eat it They have plenty of covers and plants I used some of their old plants so they would be a bit more comfortable recognizing their old...
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    Black skirt tetra glofish fixated on corner

    I recently transferred my 10 gallon group of black skirt tetras to my 20 gallon long, unfortunately 2 didint survive so now I have 3 until later this week I can get more black skirts. Since then my fish have been behaving differently I did some water tests and everything came out fine but what...
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    10 Gallon Tank Can I swap everything over to my new tank

    I have a 10 gallon tank with 5 black skirt tetras and I was looking to upgrade them to a 20 gallon so they can have more room. My question is can I just swap everything over filter included and be okay? Would I still retain all my beneficial bacteria? I’m putting the new tank in the same place...
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