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  1. Cherry shrimp dying.

    You mean ppm, right? In that case, your GH is much too low...shrimp and other crustaceans need substantial amounts of calcium and magnesium to molt (If you mean degrees, both KH and GH are far too high). I would recommend slowly increasing the GH to several times that amount over a few water...
  2. Honey gourami breeding behaviour already?

    ALL my male paradise fishes that I bred (and my black paradise fish male, for that matter) would attack my fingers if I put them anywhere near the nest. Anyhow...congrats on the spawn :)
  3. What would you do with a 200 Gallon? (I’m just bored)

    African cichlids...several harems of mbuna and/or victorian cichlids. Or perhaps (depending on the footprint) a harem of Cyathopharynx furcifer?
  4. Good fry tank plants

    Would floating plants work better for nutrient extraction, in view of the easier time they have getting CO2? Also, would the large amount of food (1/8th tsp a day maximum for this tank) add enough phosphorous for the plants? (I am not expecting nitrogen deficiency to be a problem)
  5. Question I want to start a reef aquarium but...

    I had a few marine tanks, and all became algae retrospect, probably because they were overfed. I eventually gave them away. I have periodically considered trying again, but the possibility of another expensive failure (I have never had thousands of dollars to blow) has held me back.
  6. Honey gourami breeding behaviour already?

    I have not kept honey gouramies, but I have bred paradise fish, black paradise fish, and banded bushfish - all related bubblenesters - and can offer some input. Yes, males will shoo females away from their nesting sites; they will also shoo females when not guarding a nest, which becomes a...
  7. Best filter choice?

    In that case I believe a HOB would be fine. I would wait for more opinions on this just in case.
  8. Bottled water for Water changes??

    Oh, yes...should have mentioned that. You should prepare the gallon(s) of water at least a few hours (ideally a day or more) to allow the temperature to be reasonably close to that of the tank. You can prepare the water in a bucket and use a spare aquarium heater if you need it to be exact...I...
  9. Best filter choice?

    I am no expert on power filters, but here's a question - what kind of tank will you be using? For tanks with only fish, HOB filters like these work reasonably well; for planted tanks, the variable flow patterns inherent to HOB filters (just change the distance between the outflow and the water...
  10. Bottled water for Water changes??

    What kind of bottled water? Distilled or RO water is too soft for many common aquarium fishes and would need to have minerals added for the fish's health. You could just take an empty gallon jug, fill it with tap water, dechlorinate the jug, and leave it around to use when you do water...
  11. Unwanted Fry

    Bristlenoses are known for being prolific...this will probably happen again unless they are separated (which, from your first post, is not desired). Are you in a state/country that has a 'stay at home' order in place? If not, you could call some nearby pet stores to see if they can take some of...
  12. 5 gallon 'high tech' planted tank journal

    That's even easier (and cheaper :D).
  13. 5 gallon 'high tech' planted tank journal

    Easy enough...I can just use more GH booster. The value I gave is already quite a bit more potassium in a week than even the EI method recommends, though...I know that excesses in potassium don't usually have any problematic effects, I just didn't think I needed so much...
  14. 5 gallon 'high tech' planted tank journal

    NO3: 14.14 ppm/week. PO4: 6.63 ppm. K: 33.53 ppm. FE: .476 ppm. The calculator gave a bunch of other dosing ppm's as well, but those are the ones you asked about. Most of the potassium is from the GH booster.
  15. 5 gallon 'high tech' planted tank journal

    Hi everyone! Not a huge update, just another picture of this tank I took a few minutes ago; The only update of note is that the Rotala H'ra (on the right) is growing already, but the new growth appears to be quite green...should I cut back on KNO3 dosing? (I am dosing .3 ml a week, alongside...

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