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    Balloon Molly fry question

    Usually by the time they reach about 8 weeks old you will have a fair idea of what their eventual colours will be. Just as an aside I have never seen a Dalmation Baloon Molly like yours before. So I presume that mum is a hybrid between a Dalmation and a Balloon molly so you will have many...
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    Deformed Fry...

    As Plattys are livebearers like Guppys and Mollys when the fry are born they are folded in half! As they drop into the tank they then flip open to their normal shape. Unfortunately even without inbreeding and other genetic reasons sometime the fish do not always fold out corrrectly and they...
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    are my guppies bullies?

    HI Welcome to fishlore I have to agree with Nick regarding the Muppys. Can you give a bit more info about your tank? How old is it, how big is it and what fish do you have in it? I only ask as generally putting Guppys and Bettas in the same tank is not recommended so are they in the same...
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    Black Dalmation Molly Possible Disease

    Hi, it is very common as dalmation mollys mature for their colour patterns to change. One of mine has matured to almost a solid black colour. The orange or as I like to call it gold colouration is a common thing with dalmations as well all in all, imho, as your fish is behaving normally you...
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    Guppys? Wild Guppys? Endlers? Who can tell?

    If as you suggested you are buying them from breeder ponds then they will be wild guppys, the colouring also is not quite right for Endlers. Endlers Males are usually only about 1"each with wild Guppys being very slightly larger. However they are fine looking fish
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    any irish out there !

    Dubliner long removed to the UK, and elsewhere
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    10 Gallon Tank My Fish Tank Is Starting To Smell!!!

    Carbon, if added will remove organic smells from the water, but if the underlying issue is an ammonia Nitrite/Nitrate problem it will not fix that. As I mentioned earlier do you have readings for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates for the tank? Also how old is the tank and do you know about the...
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    55 Gallon Tank Featherfin catfish HELP!

    HI welcome to fishlore The featherfin is usually the agressor in the tank, but he may have found his match on the balas' You are aware that when your fish reach maturity you have very incompatible fish that are far too large for your tank and you will need either a much larger tank or to...
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    I find that my gups will 'square off' from about 20days and will birth from 8-14days later So long as you have lots of hiding space you will always be able to save some and be careful putting momma in a breeding net/trap as this will stress her and so she may abort or hold the fry, both are...
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    Fungal infection?

    I think a lot of your problems may well be having the Betta sharing with the DG. You do not only have to worry about the Betta fighting with the DG, but just as much with the DG fighting the Betta. The lack of colour is possibly/probably down to stress, and the gill problem could and possibly...
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    Sports Survey

    This will baffles the US majority Play Cricket Watch Cricket (pay to go and watch live) Watch Rugby (pay to go and watch live) Watch Football (that's Soccer to you folks, but only watch on free to air TV) Most defo in that order I would still play rugby as well but I am now far far far to...
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    10 Gallon Tank My Fish Tank Is Starting To Smell!!!

    Dtadros , I don't believe I have said this before Welcome to Fishlore If the water starts to smell it normally indicates that something os not quite right. Have you got recent readings for the tank? and Lama you have been here long enough for your MTS risk to be on the rise
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    Fungal infection?

    Try posting a Profile message for Martinismommy and have a picture ready to show her. If she can't answer you question you have a problem
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    29 Gallon Tank what would be some good bottom feeders?

    They scavange on the bottom and through my pplants, so any thing that gets there. But I tend to add shrimp pellets and algae wafers to their diet just to be sure. Mine hid for the 1st few weeks and I never saw them but now they feel secure they are out and about all the time, they like to play...
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    29 Gallon Tank what would be some good bottom feeders?

    Try khulI loaches they are entertaining as well if Corys are not your thing

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