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    Should i Be concerned?

    Lol ok ill do that ... right now I have the tank and stand sittin there but still workin and I'm bidding on skimmers/lights... ill take some pics later
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    best live rock prices

    I know you said no online gigs but to be honest imo its the best way to go ^ that is a link to some cheap ebay liverock at 2$ a pound, ebay is the way to go... got my tank/stand and getting lights/skimmer there...
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    Should i Be concerned?

    Tank is ordered... I didnt get the other stuff yet though. I think I will though because the sellers have great reviews so I'm not too concerned.
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    A Little Tease.

    halfmoon is a type of betta. The name pertains to the size of its tail. To be a halfmoon I believe the tail must be 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
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    Some semi-final tank prices Help!

    Thx for the site but it was a bit pricy... I found an aquarium that I ordered but thx.
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    Starting a Saltwater Tank - how big of a tank?

    Hey Saltwater is very expensive be prepared for high costs. I reccomend at least 29 gallons but preferably more depending on what fish you are interested in. Clownfish and Damsels are hardy and good for beginners. Water changes on larger tanks can be done twice a week but it really depends on...
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    Chocolate chip star fish not moving

    what do you feed it? have you tried multiple foods? do you put the food adjacent to it? nething else special about it?
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    Aquarium Silicone

    whats the RED/Green show?
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    " she's not pregnant, rare sight" lol yep
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    Fish Ok Without Food For A Couple Days?

    yeah I highly reccomend them they are easy and very convenient but of course some foods you still have to feed by hand like bloodworms every once in a while or if ure fish eat live foods... nice throughout most of the week though
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    Member Age Ranges?

    lol I thought there was already a thread on this... oh well .... 14 but 15 in a few weeks
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    New guy here!!

    Nice california ^,^... gl have fun people here are really helpful
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    hello new girl from uk here!

    hey you have the same name as another member ^,^
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    Crush (LOL)

    lol you realize they aren't all female right?
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